Blazing Swan 2019 - Happy as Larry

Blazing Swan 2019
Australian Burning Man Regional Event.

Seven Days of community over the Easter Long Weekend...

17 April (noon) - 23 April 2019 (noon)

Blazing Swan is an annual event dedicated to self-expression and self-reliance.

Blazing Swan is an official Australian Burning Man event.

Relationships are created, neighbours meet one another, and our collective survival is challenged. This is not a spectator event. It is difficult for you to take a role in the community if you are in Jilakin Rock City for less than 24 hours. In order to experience the true essence of Blazing Swan, you will want to become part of the community. Therefore, there are no day passes sold, and no discounts given based on your length of stay. Of course, it is not necessary that you come for the entire week. You are welcome to arrive early in the week and stay for just a portion of the event.

What should I bring?

A. Thank you for asking the million-dollar question. Blazing Swan is an exercise in self-sufficiency. You have to bring all you need to survive, and then some. Some people bring only the basics; others bring everything including the kitchen sink.
Water, food and shelter are imperative
After you have taken care of your survival, everything else is up to you.
If you are fond of sleep, earplugs are a participant’s best friend.
A bicycle (with a bike light) is vital for enjoying our vast landscape, and a puncture repair kit may be required as we have at the moment some large double gees (big bloody prickles that can harm your tyres)
For maximum enjoyment of the event, bring toys or costumes with which you can express your creative spirit.

Blazing Swan is a commerce-free event.
You need to bring ALL supplies, food, water and tools you will need for survival in a harsh environment. No food or sundry items are sold anywhere in Jilakin Rock City.
If you forget something vital, your best bet is to make friends with your neighbours.
If you really need something, you can head into Kulin a short 15-20 minute drive from site. Be warned: they have a minimal selection of goods for purchase compared to the city!

Driving on site:
You may drive to your camping spot, but do not plan to use your vehicle as transportation on site for the duration of your stay. This is a serious safety issue and will be strictly enforced. No driving will be allowed without a Blazing Swan Department of Mutant Transport permit.

What is a Theme Camp?
It’s an interactive camp designed by the camp members with the intention of engaging participants. More information can be found in the Theme Camp section on the website Theme camps are located throughout Jilakin Rock City. Assigned placement comes after approved advanced registration. Though registration is not at all required, only registered theme camps will be cited on the city map. Those who register early get choice spots and placement on the map. For registration deadlines, see the above link. Please see below for information about sound.

Q. What about amplified music at Blazing Swan?
A. Amplified music is a favored method of participation and self-expression at Blazing Swan, and one that influences a large number of people.
We are asking that amplified music in camps be kept at a reasonable level.
Large scale sound art/systems MUST register for placement.
This year, large scale sound systems are restricted to those camps located in allocated areas at Blazing Swan (more detail to follow)
Sound systems should be no bigger than 300 watts for non large scale Sound Camps.
Sound levels produced by any electronic system or device should not exceed 90 decibels outside of a camp or village.
Sound levels emitted from any camp should not cause serious disruption to adjacent camps.

Placement Theme Camps and Art:
This year, we will continue to endeavor to place all registered theme camps, who will then be mapped and assigned a space prior to arrival on the site. The same goes for art installations on the paddock and on the open playa (Lake). Therefore, it is best to register your theme camp or art installation early. Registration is not a prerequisite for creating an art installation or theme camp — much of the best art is found in unexpected places, but will need to be negotiated with Blazing Swan Arts.

Q. I have some handmade crafts that I'd like to sell in order to cover my travel costs. Where can I set this up?
A. Blazing Swan flourishes through sharing, trading and the giving of the gift of yourself. We have found the buying and selling of goods is a distraction to connecting and creating relationships. Selling is a transaction-based activity. There is NO VENDING at Blazing Swan. Participants who are found vending /selling will be asked to leave.

Q: Where is the rave this year?
A: Blazing Swan is not a rave. While our ranks include many individuals from the electronic music community, they are not the majority. Blazing Swan is an experiment in temporary community, and one that is all-inclusive. Yes, this includes ravers.

Q: Can I reserve a campsite?
A: No. While there are marked roadways, there are no “camping sites,” other than the spaces previously allotted for pre-placed theme camps and art installations. Those awarded placement have applied in advance. Come early if you need space to add friends.
Blazing Swan
Open: 2019-04-17
End: 2019-04-23

2048 interested
1234 attending

So, where is it?


Australia is world famous for kangaroos, beaches and the outback, the vast fabled desert that spreads into the country’s epic interior. Here, vivid blue skies, cinnamon-red earth, deserted gorges and geological features as bizarre as the wildlife comprise a unique ecology.

Australia is also home of the bush doofs. Generally held in a remote country area or just outside big cities in surrounding bush or rainforests and similar to raves or teknivals. Doofs generally have healing workshops, speakers, art, live artists and DJs playing a range of electronic music. The first commercial doof was Earthcore back in 1993. Then a couple of years later Rainbow serpent festival started. Still both going strong!

Getting there

All visitors - apart from citizens of New Zealand - require a visa in advance of travel. Australia is a long way from anywhere else in the world, so for most visitors, the only practical way of getting into Australia is by air. Approximately half of all international travellers arrive first in Australia in Sydney, the largest city, (IATA: SYD).

After Sydney, significant numbers of travellers also arrive in Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. There are also direct international services into Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, the Gold Coast and Christmas Island though these are largely restricted to flights from New Zealand, Oceania, or Southeast Asia.

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