Dakini Festival 2019

Between 27 June and 1 July, for 5 days and 4 nights, on 3 main stages, over 100 artists, over 50 yoga instructors, healers and spiritual guides, as well as artists and craftsmen will wait for you near the seashores at Tuzla, Constanta County for a festival fully dedicated to the free spirit in each of us.

Our Dakini Festival, already reaching its third edition, is the perfect place where the world we live in, in all its dimensions, colors and varieties, meets for a break in time. Participants from different cultures and traditions will contribute with their souls’ vibrations to an enriched community of people that will carry our messages of love, peace and art in all its forms all across the globe and beyond.

We are a team of fullhearted people dedicated to creating a whole new world for you, near the Black Sea shore and under the most amazing sky in the South-Eastern Europe. We have prepared a full-serviced camping, a roomy parking lot and transportation from the nearby village of Tuzla just to make your trip as seamless as possible. You just need to leave your worries at home and come closer to us – we’ll take over from there! Come along, we’re here for you!

For tickets check:

Early Bird tickets: 45.00 Euro - 210 Ron
1st Phase tickets: 55.00 Euro - 260 Ron
2nd Phase tickets: 70.00 Euro - 330 Ron
3rd Phase tickets: 85.00 Euro - 400 Ron
At the gates: 95.00 Euro - 440 Ron

The ticket includes:

- Access to all the festival events the 4 days and nights of music, dance, yoga classes and workshops
- Free parking, camping and drinking water
- Free access for kids under 12 years accompanied by a parent
- Free shuttle bus from Tuzla center to the festival gate

(Re)Connect with yourself @ Dakini Festival. The festival for free-spirited people.
Open: 2019-06-27
End: 2019-07-01

13913 interested
1594 attending

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