Dragon Dreaming Festival 2017

The dreamers, the shakers and wonderment makers are again invited to co-create a collective experience of abundant love and shenanigans while immersed in luscious land and soundscapes.

Dragon Dreaming returns to Cooradigbee Homestead in 2017 with new dates coinciding with the Melbourne Cup long weekend to take advantage of some warmer, beach party, weather. Just a six hour drive from Melbourne, or four from Sydney, Wee Jasper is the ultimate destination to Giddy Up with your mates. Don't forget ya floaties!

A very limited release of super early bird tickets are going on sale just in time for Christmas on Wednesday 21 Decmber. Because you've been good all year, you can have them for $165 plus bf each.

Big love for and wishing ya'll safe and happy holidays from the Dragon team <3

TICKETS: https://dragondreaming.com.au/Tickets
Super Early Bird $165.00 SOLD OUT
Early Bird $180.00 SOLD OUT
Punctual Bird $200.00 BUY NOW
Right On Time Bird $220.00 TBA
Car Pass $20.00 BUY NOW

Sensient (live & live downtempo) - https://soundcloud.com/sensient
Purple Hayes (live) - https://soundcloud.com/purplehayesmusic
Like Liquid (live) - https://soundcloud.com/likeliquidmusic
Brujo's Bowl (live) - https://soundcloud.com/brujosbowl
Beetroots (live)
GMJ (live) - https://soundcloud.com/gmj-fulcrum
Matter (live) - https://soundcloud.com/matter
GMJ & Matter (live)
Doppel (live) - https://soundcloud.com/doppelau
Ark-E-Tech (live) - https://soundcloud.com/arketech
Smilk (live) - https://soundcloud.com/smilkmusic
Triforce (live) - https://soundcloud.com/triforce
Ugly Bunyip Band (live) - https://soundcloud.com/ugly_bunyip
Bumble (live) - https://soundcloud.com/bumblebeatz
Loose Cannon - https://soundcloud.com/loose-cannon-1
Bizzle - https://soundcloud.com/bizzle-5
Bass To Pain Converter (live) - https://soundcloud.com/basstopainconverter
Victor Y (live) - https://soundcloud.com/victoryclique
Child (live) - https://soundcloud.com/childmusic
WindowPain (live) - https://soundcloud.com/nikwindowpain
Tarik - https://soundcloud.com/tarik-3
Twisted Jester - https://soundcloud.com/twisted_jester
Ncrypt - https://soundcloud.com/ncryptmusic
Logan Zingus - https://soundcloud.com/loganzingus
oJae (live) - https://soundcloud.com/max-spackman
Binary Distortion - https://soundcloud.com/binarydistortion
ZigMon - https://soundcloud.com/zigmon-bassicrecords
Volkiene - https://soundcloud.com/volkiene
Apex - https://soundcloud.com/apexpsy
Thunder Fox (live) - https://soundcloud.com/thunder-fox-band-official
Stact (live) - https://soundcloud.com/stact
Emma Deluxe - https://soundcloud.com/emmadeluxe
Perdy - https://soundcloud.com/perrdy
@philt3r - https://soundcloud.com/philt3r
Cooradigbee Homestead
Open: 2017-11-03
End: 2017-11-06

8145 interested
2410 attending
8145 maybe
12457 invited

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What does it sound like?

So, where is it?


Australia is world famous for kangaroos, beaches and the outback, the vast fabled desert that spreads into the country’s epic interior. Here, vivid blue skies, cinnamon-red earth, deserted gorges and geological features as bizarre as the wildlife comprise a unique ecology.

Australia is also home of the bush doofs. Generally held in a remote country area or just outside big cities in surrounding bush or rainforests and similar to raves or teknivals. Doofs generally have healing workshops, speakers, art, live artists and DJs playing a range of electronic music. The first commercial doof was Earthcore back in 1993. Then a couple of years later Rainbow serpent festival started. Still both going strong!

Getting there

All visitors - apart from citizens of New Zealand - require a visa in advance of travel. Australia is a long way from anywhere else in the world, so for most visitors, the only practical way of getting into Australia is by air. Approximately half of all international travellers arrive first in Australia in Sydney, the largest city, (IATA: SYD).

After Sydney, significant numbers of travellers also arrive in Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. There are also direct international services into Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, the Gold Coast and Christmas Island though these are largely restricted to flights from New Zealand, Oceania, or Southeast Asia.

Read more: http://wikitravel.org/en/Australia#Get_in

2017-09-29 // Yemaya Festival 2017

2017-10-05 // Mushroom Valley 2017

2017-11-23 // Earthcore 2017 Summer Dreaming