Electroverse 2019

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Electroverse in it's first year is excited to announce the beginning of something magical. A new place to call Festival Home.

A truly free expression of creativity through music, art, performance and coming together to merge on the dance floors, under wide open skies, deep in the wilderness in rhythmic synchronicity with our universe and ourselves.
Our collective is building an extensive, multi-genre lineup for three equally impressive stages. Main stages are a thing of the past with us, we believe each of us is called to frequency and no two souls are alike, in this we offer a sound and vision journey that is unique and equal at any stage you wander upon.

With sumptuous deco-scapes to draw you in and inspire the imagination. Stunning visual sets and a meticulously curated, multi-genre lineup. Earthy and Modern, a fantasy that grows with each detail.

Our mission is to offer a fully immersive environment under open skies, a get-a-way, a release, a place to renew ourselves and our spirits through camping, music, art, friendships, fun, meditation, reflection and sharing an experience as one.

This event will unfold each month to reveal more artists, performance artists, vendors, workshops and our favorite question answered: Who is playing when?....

When you come through our Gate, you will be welcomed, not as a number on a ticket, but welcomed by our staff with a care package, a lineup sheet, a map and lots of kind words.

We are offering both Full Festival Passes and Limited supply Day Passes.
We are limiting capacity for this unique event, and first Tier Pre-Sales will only be available til April 1st.

For Tickets, Details and more Information visit our website:

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Our lineup is ever growing, keep checking back for announcements, contests and updates.



Ghreg on Earth ( on3arth Media ) Oakland, CA

As composer, producer, DJ, A&R and label head, Ghreg On Earth has woven a unique, compelling and uncompromising vision into the global Psychedelic Trance tapestry.

His dedication and passion for an intelligent and gritty dance floor journey, liquifies into a sound that is known for pulsating cinematic spaces and rapid-fire organic sequences. Precision industrial grooves deconstruct and compost into moments of refracted breakcore and dripping bass. Defying categories of Minimal and Maximal; HiTech, Forest, Dark - *all* are rendered meaningless when he brings his 25 years of curating, production and perspective that transcends the tropes and cliches of genre to unfold this modern sound story of archaic futurstism.

His prophetic genesis can be traced back to the early 90s where he was one of the only DJs exposing the sounds of Goa Trance to the heartland and fly-over states of the US. Parallel to DJing he continued to foster his craft of production, lugging a room full of midi synths and samplers to the west coast. The migration plunged him into the burgeoning San Francisco Psychedelic Trance community of the late 90s and early aughts. His influential debut album in 2005, "Sigilweaver", was a watershed moment that left a seismic shift night time trance in it’s wake.

After 2 more albums, countless releases, strategic collaborations, and relentless touring spanning the globe, Ghreg on Earth prepares his fourth album and the launch of label On 3arth Media; focusing on the most cutting edge, forward-looking and expectation-defying music in the world-wide bloodstream.



Iboga Records U.S DJ | Pulse SF Resident DJ and Event Organizer.
San Francisco, CA

A world of sound at her fingertips, Khromata stands in the vanguard of storytelling and sensory manipulation in the modern era.With a finger on the pulse of the global electronica scene, she draws the essence of tech-driven psychedelic music to the surface with DJ sets inspired by the sounds of the underground.
Following years of experience playing shows and festivals around the States and the world, Khromata now brings her versatile and spirited approach to sound weaving to Iboga Records. Driven by fun, energy and technical purity, she cannot be summa-
rized by any single set or sound, making every Khromata performance an intoxicating, one-of-a-kind experience.
She has played numerous opening and closing sets for legendary headliners such as Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Ticon, Emok, Crit-
ical Choice, Atmos, Mad Maxx, Gaspard, Hypnocoustics, Hypnoise, E.V.P, Neuromotor, Deedrah, Groove Addict, S-Range, Martin
Vice, StarLab, and more. Khromata is also an organizer and promoter for Pulse SF, a renowned event production company bring-
ing quality psytrance shows to the San Francisco Bay Area.
Seleect highlight gigs include Ruby Skye in San Francisco closing set for Astrix, Iboga Records 20 Year Anniversary after party at
KB18 kødboderne in Denmark, and a private event at Fabrika.bar in Ukraine.

www.soundcloud.com/ khromata


SLACKJOINT: Hamburg Germany. OV-Silence Music.

Slackjoint is Florian and Roman from Hamburg, Germany. Slackjoints sound is dedicated to the psychedelic realm, the driving vortex, the roller-coaster of emotions and altered minds: Psychedelic Trance and its wildest, punk rockin' expressions.



Punxlines Nisan Alva of nutek records.

Punxline is an Israeli Psytrance Duo by Nisan Alva & Ido Segal , both with a rich musical
background and a vast knowledge of sound engineering .
Their first album “Other Universe“ released on 2010 and since then they have released several EP’s Punxline’s style is identified with full power basslines and unique hightech melodies and sounds.



Primordial Ooze: Chilluminati. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Primordial Ooze through countless mutations eventually developed opposable thumbs for twisting knobs and smashing buttons. Inspired by filtering experiences into sound by shaping waveforms and encouraging them to bubble and adapt to their sonic environment Primordial Ooze puts you in the center of the cosmic symphony. This sound surrounds you with frequencies immersing you into vibrant, ritualistic compositions that resonate deep within your primeval memories. While dancing if you feel like growing gills, horns, and tails keep calm and keep on stomping as you’ve just awakened your fundamental self.
The Primordial Ooze experience brings live synth work and effects to the performance. The act is no stranger to balancing digital sonic craft with the power of analog sound. With the experience of DJing since the late 90's and playing live since 2005 the sets skillfully guide dancers through a multitude of intensities and moods. Be it mysterious or joyous, menacing, or just outright nutty, it is always engaging. The debut album “Discomedusae”, multiple EP’s, and compilations tracks on labels like Sangoma, Purple Hexagon, Woo-Dog, Samaa, World People Productions, Visionary Shamanics, AntiShanti, D.A.R.K, and Psyde Effect are just the tip of the iceberg of a catalog filled with collaborations and original compositions.
Primordial Ooze is also an integral part of the Midwest United States art collective Chilluminati. Joining many friends over the past thirteen years the Chilluminati has shared their vision by organising music festivals in the lands of cheese, beer, and corn fields.



Brazilian born João Travensouro is JCMT. Electronic music has been a passion in João’s life since his early ages and that that passion began to grow when in 2008, he discovered the sounds of Astrix, Eskimo, Liquid Soul and Infected Mushroom. Ten years later João decided that it was time to stop dreaming and chase this ever growing passion, so he decided to create his very first project, blending unique melodies along impacting bass lines, bringing an incredible energy to every set and taking the crowd to the top!



Fish Winters:
7Colours Records: Singapore

An International DJ and Producer based in Singapore and Japan Underground Rave Scene. He was invited to spin in Chicago Midwest Wonderland in 2014. Since then he spearheaded the Hardstyle, Hardcore and Psytrance genres in Singapore with the event Hardsounds Nation. Alongside with Astral Moon, a Trance and Psytrance event, these monthly events have brought the underground scene to greater heights in the entire region. Currently, Fish Winters is spinning monthly in the South East Asia region in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia. With more regional projects coming up, expect to see him in a club or festival near you soon! Fish Winters moved into the Psychedelic Trance Scene at the start or year 2015 and has been producing more psytrance tracks since then. He has thus far launched 7Colours Records label in Singapore in 2018 and is a founder of a school of local Psytrance and Trance DJs.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fish-winters

Tony Nova

American-born record producer, actor, composer, arranger DJ.

Tony Nova, known professionally as Tony Nova, is a Electronic music producer, musician and DJ. Tony Nova specializes in Deep House, House Music, Dub-House, and Tech House and Detroit Techno.



* Regional Electronic Artists *
Kansas City Missouri
Meta HiFi Sound System Collective Featuring:

Bilateral Motion
Plastic Electronics

Audiognomes: Madison Wisconsin.

​Dfectv's multidimensional music is so dark and hypnotic, that it is heard in the deepest trenches of the ocean, and in the murkiest of swamps. Dfectv's music is a metaphor of the layers of illusion and sorrow of the world that we bury ourselves in. Awakening the great Kundalini serpent of the earth herself, his music stirs awake what lies dormant within us all. Transforming us into our true selves, Dfectv's music reminds us that like the snake, we must release what no longer serves us to be able to move forward, and create a new reality.

[email protected]


Jay Eric : (Techgnosis Records/Overmind Works/Outrun) Denver, CO.

Jay Eric is the founder of the southwest psy crew Overmind Works, an Outrun Denver resident, & a Techgnosis Records label DJ. Jay Eric has spent 20 years honing a tactful, improvised mixing style with an instinct for adventurous selections in the deep progressive, melodic psytech, and electro/synth music realms.

Data Night: Golf Shoe Music: Milwaukee Wisconsin.

In 2012 a remote outpost of the US Office of Interstellar Communication (USOIO) intercepted a strange transmission from the Voyager 1 satellite upon its arrival to interstellar space. While all recordings of the original transmission were lost in a fire that also destroyed the facility the station chief, R. Mann, was reported the only surviving listener. In his notes he described the message as a strangely hypnotic mix of decades old earth-based radio alongside strange rhythms verging from a mechanical to an almost organic nature.
Following the incident R. Mann began showing an obsessive need to try and recreate the interstellar message for reasons unknown. He was last sighted in Milwaukee after reportedly hijacking an advanced surveillance truck containing an experimental audio research labs worth of rhythm generators and synthesizers. Our sources indicate he intends to build a sonic doomsday weapon simply known as the “Super Techno System”. These same sources also rumor that he is the mysterious figure behind the sinister collective of nefarious individuals operating under the seemingly innocuous Golfshoe Music.
The continuing investigation of R. Mann as well as the original incident itself have been code-named...Data Night.


Steb: Electroverse Productions, Milwaukee.
“Looking for a DJ who knows how to bring the goof? Steb is more than just a DJ; he's a showman. Yeah, that's proper use of a semicolon. His music sprawls across genres, his body sprawls across the dance floor. Hold on. It's gonna be a wild ride.”


DJ: ‡ ϴⅯℕǁ ‡

Kansas city, KS

‡ ϴⅯℕǁ ‡ Identifies as an alien from another world. living a vibrant life creating all sorts of different kinds of art. They have a day job as a fashion designer, creating costumes for performers on the side. They also have a passion for installation art and textile design. Was a lead designer for "otherworld" an interactive art museum in Ohio.
‡ ϴⅯℕǁ ‡ had the costumes and the art to curate a certain atmosphere, they just needed the music. They recently started DJing music that matched their aesthetic. DJing genres like; witch house, synthwave, dark trap, and chill wave. Making sure to keep things DARK.

DJ Zeek
Facebook: @djzeek
Location: Illinois
Genre: House | Tech-House | Funk
Production Releases on: Sugar Shack Recordings
Affiliations: House Broken | Underground Elements | Deep Soul Maté

Zeek has done it all, from throwing parties to rocking the airwaves, and never stops racking up hours behind the decks. He keeps busy juggling his family life as well as promotions, producing his own sound, and remixing. This man can hold his own with the best of the best and is continuously playing @ the biggest events in the Midwest area. He is known to throw down Funky, up-tempo, and groovin styles of House that is guaranteed to make any dance floor move.



Pandora Love:
Housebroken Productions
Chicago, IL

Pandora Love has a unique style that blends driving rhythms and psychedelic sounds with memorable samples and booty-shaking beats. She seamlessly weaves groovy bass lines that even the most experienced listeners are easily captivated by. Her first appearances were in the Chicago underground music scene in 2010, but now she is best known for her performances at electronic music festivals all over the midwest and regional burns. Her hope is to help you set your soul free on the dance floor.

Find her events at facebook.com/pandoralovemusic and check out her mixes on soundcloud.com/pandoralove & mixcloud.com/pandoralove

Ascella: Electroverse Collective/ Plush Industries
Milwaukee, WI

Ascella strives to take her audience on a mind-revealing journey through the use of the enlivening beats and eclectic sounds of psychedelic trance. Her sets reflect her love and study of astrology as she weaves together a story drawn from current astrological transits with the purpose to allow her floor to experience and connect with the energies surrounding them. Through uplifting morning vibrations and tribal infused rhythms, she invites her listeners be present, experience the now, and to lose themselves in dance.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ascelladelic
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ascellapsy


Kyle Mitchell: Carbondale ,IL

Deep House/Techno that will move your body and your soul.



Roman Valentino.

Hailing from Milwaukee and originating from Guadalajara, Durango, Mexico, this guy has been dropping incredible sets in the Midwest and driving the dancefloor wild. Opening for acts like Felix da Housecat he is renown for sets that bring the crowd up and get you moving.
Come check him out @ Electroverse!


Ira K:
FatFunk Productions Bloomington Illinois/ Las Vegas, NV

“Born in Vegas, raised in Chicago, with a taste for music that’s global.”
Having 2 complete decades of dance inciting DJing under his belt, IRA K. plays it all. Although you’ll most often catch him spinning techno, he can’t deny his Chi-Town house roots, or keep himself from stumbling through the jungle once in a while. No sound is off limits, but acid is preferred. From the Midwest, to Florida, and now back to where it all began, Las Vegas, IRA K. takes an arsenal of tunes wherever it is life leads him.

- www.SugarShackRadio.com

Radio Shows/Podcasts:
- “Klean Air.” Airs exclusively on FNOOBTECHNO.com


Clandestine: KC, Missouri.

Clandestine is a dj from Kansas City, Missouri with over a decade of experience specializing in a variety of psychedelic genres. Experienced in dub, sacred bass, funky glitch hop, and psytrance. Each set Clandestine formulates is built as a journey from beginning to end, with the listeners experience as a focal point. With impeccable track selection and a third eye to detail, this psyslinger will never disappoint.




Hailing from Madison, WI, is deep dubstep producer and DJ. Her mixes will take you through a tantalizing journey through the realms of deep and dark dubstep.

Carnap: Deepdharma Technologies, Iowa

Dark progressive psytrance


FERVOR: Greenbay, WI

Fervor is a multi-faceted DJ reigning from Green Bay, WI. specializong in Zenonesque Psytrance and Neurofunk Drum-n-Bass.


DJ BRANDENFACE: Psychedelic Movement, St Paul, MN.

Twisting dancefloors with epic psychedelic sound journeys.



Tony Dark: Techno Chicago/Ukraine

Be prepared to be torn asunder on the dance floor. He will bring it.


Dale May: Electroverse Productions. DeKalb, IL.

​Tech House that will make you believe.



Skroller: Global Psybreaks Founder/DJ. St Paul, MN.

Psybreaks, Booty House, Jungle. One of the Midwests creative powerhouses and pioneers.



Sloth Brigade - Delavan, WI - breakbeats - After Midnight Entertainment, Deviant Siloutions Entertainment

The Sloth's love for electronic music encompasses all genres, and as such he picks up a little bit of everything. While broken beats of any speed are his favorite, there's also nothing like some hard banging techno or soulful house. He'll keep you captivated with beautiful vocals before switching into hard pounding beats!


T-Dizzle .Milwaukee, WI.
House. Pink Boom Studios.

Milwaukee's local dance floor mover and shaker, T-Dizzle makes a seemless and moving set look easy with her skill.


Trevor Abernethy
Electronic Union Records, Mind Burn Recordings, UKR.
Chicago/Rockford USA

Trevor Abernethy aka “Tre Technics” is an American DJ/Producer who’s style ranges from Techno, Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Acidic Breaks and whatever he feels at the moment.
Learning to DJ at the age of 15 in 1994 Trevor has been hard at work for 25 plus years. Producing came to him later on after playing around with random Roland gear for about 6 years. In 2001 he started to get serious about making tracks and hasn't looked back since.




CoZmic Theo
Musician and one Man Band: Upstate NY

One man, many sounds, hailing from the stars CoZmic Theo is on assignment to bring Music to the movement. This live-looping wizard deploys Funky Guitar, Screaming Synths, Groovy beats, and a world of Explorative Vocals with a message of Unity. His next level approach to performance is stunning to say the least with a buffet of variables to keep you on your toes. CoZmic Theo is gaining traction quickly in the transformational festival circuit on both coasts with 2019 looking to be the year for mainstream breakthrough.



SSAANN: Milwaukee, WI.

Composer, experimental fusion.



Ancient Fruit: Minneapolis MN,
Electronic composer - Didgeridoo player - Musician

The sound of the cosmos and trees. Deep sounds to balance your mind with thick stimulating galactic sounds to help inspire the floor. Great music for dancing to, or just sit and drink a cup of tea.



Deadgears Dark Coffin Classics: Kenosha Wisconsin

A Horror/ Comedy Television Show that airs in Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

They will be filming a live action show during the festival and including participating Electroverse Festival goers as the night goes on, they will also be showing some seriously cheesy retro horror flicks for us all to laugh at.
Catch them @ the Middle Earth stage on Saturday night.
Hosted by, Deadgar, Celeste, Maleva and Victori Belle Check us out @

Psychedelic Aesthetics: St Paul, MN.

Creating multi dimensional deco-scapes, Psychedelic Aesthetics has inspired many Midwest dance floors with the use of color, textures, the beautiful and the strange. Unique expression of art for the purpose of immersion.

Perplexed Deco: Northern Wisconsin.

This artist has been creating next level textural art for festivals for a number of years, offering sacred geometry in in depth forms, eye catching and deep, meant to bring you into each structure and hold your mind there in awe of the intricacies and unfolding layers painstakingly designed by the artist.


Birds Eye Projections.

Live visual artist & animator based out of the Milwaukee area. Specializing in custom, mind blowing projection mapping.



*Live Painting, Fire and Flow Performance*

Krystal Kave from South East Wisconsin bringing you Kave Art paintings and tattoos at Ink Ecstasy in Janesville Wisconsin. Lover of the Arts, The Flow and Ink.

Intrinsic Arts. Fire and flow arts.

Intrinsic Arts is an arts collective from Kankakee, IL and a veteran of the Midwest festival scene. Founded in 2009 as a fire performance troupe, they've grown to include various other forms of art. Working with fire performers, live painters, aerialists, stilt walkers and installation artists. They have been pioneers who curate pop up art galleries and also vend their artists creations for a fully immersive experience into the world of festival culture. Offering fire and object manipulation props, artwork, and one of a kind clothing through their shop and out of this world stage performances for festivals in the Midwest.
The Electroverse Collective is excited to be working beside Intrinsic Arts to cultivate this festival and bring you a world class underground experience.



Nex Arts: Live Painting

Nex Arts a Texas Native who ended up transplanted to the Midwest, growing up between Iron River, WI and settling in Minneapolis, MN, he has always had a deep affinity for art, from the earliest ages could be found drawing and painting on anything they could ge there hands on. Cultivating an abstract, trippy and absolutely unique sense of art his work is one of a kind.
Working with mixed media, textural, paints and sculpture.

For full details, lineup updates, presales and more please visit us @:


Tier 1. Til June 30th. 100.00
Tier 2. July 1st - July 31st 120.00
Tier 3. August 1st - August 22nd 135.00
Gate: 150.00

Much Love
-The Electroverse Collective.
United States
26920 Shrines Rd, Waynesville, MO 65583
Open: 2019-08-23
End: 2019-08-26

1635 interested
272 attending

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