Forest Star - Midsummer Festival 2018

Finally we can invite you lovely folk to the next edition of Forest Star Midsummer Festival 2018!

Bookings of artists, workshops & markets are now in progress. We already have some deeply beautiful names to present, for many of us this is a dream coming true ღ we are longing for breathing love and letting base and tunes taking our spirits beyond.

Last year was an amazing festival, we were very happy with the event and really felt everything was glowing and flowing.
Things were truly magic ღ we bow for your presence, support and engagement during last year festival. Such Joy!

Something unexpected took place 2017. No one could have missed the presence of the Swedish police force.

We know some of you felt very intimidated and was falsely accused by the police, being searched and stripped just for being at our festival.
You probably won’t get an apology from the police, so for that inconvenience WE are very sorry for what you had to go through.
At the same time we all have the freedom of choice, and with that comes responsibilities.
Freedom is not only about you it’s about us all, we can't ignore the Swedish laws and pretend they don't exist.
To fully ignore the law will give our festival serious consequences in the future.

The hard-core party intention has NEVER been the core of what we want to create through this festival so IF YOU are coming just to blow your head off with substances 24.7 please respect us and stay home.
We don't judge anyone, your choice is yours and not ours, but we simply ask you to be aware of the intention of this festival.
We love you in all your choices and off course you should have a blasting time but please have it consciously ღ
For many years to come we wish to continue with this beautiful festival and if similar things happens this year we can be sure to end up with a lot of economic burden to improve safety, or we won't get the permissions needed.
That's a cost we can't afford.

So this is for the spirit of Urlas sake, for yours and ours.
So please, from the bottom of our hearts, if you are planning to come please respect our rules & guidelines ღ WE LOVE YOU!
Forest Star Crew / Urla Tribe

The first phase tickets will be released today ღ before you buy your ticket It’s very important to read through our rules & guidelines to avoid future misunderstandings.
You will find all info and tickets on our website. ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ
Open: 2018-06-21
End: 2018-06-24

377 interested
229 attending

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