Freekuency Festival 2018

We´re glad you’ve found us and hope you can make it to this 12th edition of Freekuency Festival.

The Freekuency festival was born out of the free party movement, and has developed over the years into a spectacular event with a friendly family atmosphere, where the artists, performers, crew and helpers work and play for no payment whatsoever, keeping in mind the non profit values on which this festival has been built. We are continually amazed by the amount of talent and devotion that has been offered into making this festival what it is today, and our heart felt gratitude goes out to all concerned!

As you may know the whole festival runs on the money raised through fundraisers, donations on the gate and money taken on the bars. Any left over goes directly into the following years event. A few years ago we were running at a loss.. but due to the immense generosity of everyone who has come over the last two years we are back on our feet and going from strength to strength. So massive thanks to everyone that has supported and helped us. Having said that, we still rely totally on your ongoing generosity in order to grow and help more artists and performers to attend. None of it happens without your generosity. So please dig deep when you see the donation buckets. Any amount is gratefully received, but the more you give the better the next years festival can be.
We also have a situation challenging the continuation of our festival and that is the ongoing problem with dogs.

We hold true to the Free Party ethic of self responsibility and haven’t, as yet, banned dogs from the festival. Even though it has cost us thousands of euro’s in dead sheep. Last year, however, a small child was badly bitten by a dog that was off a lead. If you must bring your dog, make sure its on a lead or tied up at ALL times. If another child gets hurt we would have to seriously reconsider how wise it is to continue with the festival. Please dont be the reason this beautiful festival ends. On many levels, your festival needs you!! Anyone who wants to get involved on any level.. from bar and gate volunteering, to performing and litter picking please get in touch with us or come and say hello when you arrive. Find us at the gate, the production tent or in the Funky Beats bar.

This year, Freekuency FM Radio will be broadcast across the site.. so remember to bring your FM radios!

We would like to remind you the festival is legal and licensed, and has a good reputation in the local community, which we would like to continue, so we would ask that any unauthorized sound systems do not set up at the festival or in the surrounding area during that time. THIS IS NOT A TEKNIVAL! We hope you understand our concerns, as it could mean our license is revoked and ruin our chances of continuing to make a successful festival.

Hope to see you all there. Love and Respect from the Freekuency Crew.

Open: 2018-04-06
End: 2018-04-08

7084 interested
3819 attending
7084 maybe

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