Freqs of Nature 2017

Freqs Of Nature Festival 5-11 July 2017

We will one after the other be announcing the linueps for the individula floors. The Forest & Groove Floor lineup has already been announced, the Kreuz&Quer Floor, RelaXperimental, Bass Music Floor & Ambient Floor are still to be published. For more detailed infos, please visit our website.

For the 2017 edition we are working on having a whole evening with bands celebrating the fusion of acoustic and electronic music, with the headliner group Mark Ernestus Ndagga Rhythm Force.

Groove Floor Lineup

Groovy & Deep

Acid Pauli • (DE)
Sebastian Mullaert • (SE) / 4hr Live Set
Fabio Florido • (IT)
Carlo Ruetz • (DE)
Malbetrieb • (NL)
Artech • (BR)
Ash Roy • (IN)
Brojanowski • (DE)
Calm Chor • (IN)
Elmar Strathe • (DE)
Florian Frings • (DE)
Kliment • (BG)
Knobs • (IT)
Luis M • (PT)
Mud • (IT)
Økapi • (IT)
Perfect Stranger • (IL)
Peter Groskreutz • (DE)
Rosper • (ES)
Xenoscapes • (AU)
Yuli Fershtat • (IL)
Zeitgeist/Munstrous • (DE)

Groovy Psychedelic / Progressive
Airi • (CH)
Captain Hook • (IL)
DJ Chuckles • (BE)
Electrypnose • (CH)
Fabio Leal • (BR)
Filt • (DK)
Florian MSK • (CA)
Fluoelf • (ES)
Gao • (BR)
Grub • (PT)
Hypogeo • (IT)
Igor Swamp • (FI)
Illume • (AU)
Itchy & Scratchy • (FR)
Ivort • (FR)
Jekyll • (AU)
Kasadelica • (IL)
Krad Gorp • (FR)
Legacy • (AU)
Melt • (AU)
Millivolt • (CH)
Quantic Devices • (PT)
Radioactive.Cake • (DE)
Rollercoster • (BR)
Salakavala • (FI)
Sourone • (PL)
Tetrameth • (AU)
Texas Faggott • (FI)
Unikorp • (PT)
Val Vashar • (HR)
var!ant • (AU)

Forest Floor Lineup

Drum & Bass (Neurofunk/Techstep/Breakcore):
Cause4Concern (UK)
Current Value (DE)
L 33 (BG)
Machine Code (DE/UK)
Malux (UK)
Merikan (IT)
Re:Set / Artificial Behavior (IT/DE)
Ruby My Dear (FR)
Stazma The Junglechrist (FR)
Telekinesis (SLO)
The Sect (UK/DE)

Psychedelic Trance (Forest/Hitech/Dark):
Abralabim (DE)
Already Maged (UA)
Ankur (DE)
Antonymous (GR)
Arcek (MX)
Audiopathik (MX)
Audiosyntax (DE)
Band Crash (GR)
Biomekanik (DE/IT)
Bombax (DE)
Chromatec (DE)
Dark Whisper (DE/IT)
Drury Nevil (GR)
Elowinz (BR)
Freq36 (MA)
Kaya (DE)
Kazulu (DE)
Loose Connection (UK)
Madianbrains (GR)
Nano Bugz (DE)
Noema (GR)
Noise Gust (JP)
NoizeBug (NO)
Once Upon A Time (BG)
Ordo Ab Chao (GR)
Orestis (GR)
Procs (SE)
Psylle (DK)
Quadraphonic (GR)
Sasha (DE)
Tersius (ZA)
Tromo (GR)
Uttu (BR)
Ulvae (PT)
Whrikk (NL)
Yarakaviam (VE/ES)
Zik (GR)
ZikOre (GR)
Niedergörsdorf, Germany
Open: 2017-07-05
End: 2017-07-05

10733 interested
4052 attending
10733 maybe
18517 invited

What does it sound like?

So, where is it?


Germany is one of Europe's psytrance capitals! Prepare for a roller coaster of feasts, treats and temptations as you take in Germany's soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.

It all started in the beginning of the ninetees between Hamburg and Berlin and the VooV Experience. The mother of all German parties! Voov was the first German Goa-Trance Open Air in 1991. Two years after the Antaris project started. And now there's almost a festival every weekend whole summer.

Getting there

Frankfurt Airport is the main gateway for transcontinental flights, although Düsseldorf and Munich also receive their share of overseas air traffic. Until the opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport, flights to Berlin will arrive at its two smaller international airports, Tegel and Schönefeld.

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