Funny Moon Festival 2019

(Live Acts-Main Stage)
Arjuna (Parvati Records) India
Boom Shanka (BMSS Records) Germany
Bolon Yokte (Popol Vuh Records) Mexico
BrainDrop (Omveda Records/Occulta Rec) India
DarQ (Monkey Business Records/Ogu Project) Germany
Error in Dimension (Alice-D rec) Germany
Extracted Roots (Mouju Records) Germany
Flow Wolf (Tendance Music Records) Austria
Insanus Maximus (Squamata Records) Austria\Germany (MogliCore & Yawanawa)
LuneCell (Occulta Records) USA
Malex (Soundlab Pirates) Austria
Malice in Wonderland (Pralayah Records) Austria
Midnite Climax (Nacion Psycodelica) Guatemala
Newteck (Luk-Si Records) Czech Rupublic
Pan (Alternate Reality/Expo records) Uk
Psypien (Purple Hexagon Records) Usa
Suduaya (Altar Records) France
Yawanawa (Squamata Records/Mouju Records) Austria
Zenflow (Monkey Business Records) Austria

(Dj's-Main Stage)
AIO (Lycantrop Records) Cannada
Atom (Morfogeneza) Poland
Bilbo Boblin (PsyCulture) Germany
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Dalilama (Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Dinke (Unnatural Selection) Serbia
Faina (HippyFlip Rec / Anarchic Freakuency Rec) A
Fidelis (Independent) Austria
Fullip (Deeprog Recordings) Austria
GoaTarzan (Mouju Records) Germany
Happines (Euphoria) Austria
Horizon (Cosmixed Society / Popol Vuh Rec) Usa
Hu Gadam (Banyan records) Germany
Hypophysis (Jaya) Austria
Kojo (Fusion Culture Rec) Israel
Lumenkin (Independent) Austria
Naima (Sangoma Records) Austria
Nebokad (Mouju Records) Germany
Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria
Paranormal (Profusion Rec) Austria
Phil Good (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Rix (TesseracTstudio) Croatia
Robas (Independent) Slovakia
Sabsunshine (SoundLab Pirates) Austria
Sascha Suntrax (Mukkepack) Austria
Shamaniak (Banyan Rec / Shipibo Sounds) Austria
Shroomsy (Psychedelic Animals) Austria
Squirrel (Mouju Records) Germany
Trip Commander (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Uurohmbre (Shipibo Sounds) Turkey

(Chill Out floor)
Andysan (Deep Space Zoon) Austria
Anicca (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Conciencia Ancestral (Popol Vuh Rec) Mexico/Italy
Cosmic Touch (Visionary Shamanics Rec/Susmabea) Finland (Live)
Elemental (UfoBufo) Czech Republic
Fipsinger & Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria
Harmonic (Independent) Austria
Hemp cz (World Music-Experimental) Czech Republic (Live)
I-One (Namaste) Czech Republic (Live)
Martina Prchalová (Independent) Czech Republic (Live)
Masterminded Proj (Merkaba Music) Israel (Live)
MantisMash (Shanti Planti / Merkaba Music) Israel (Live)
Mr.Gorby (WizArts / Fenix) Czech Republic
Noziroh (Popol Vuh Records/Cosmixed Society) USA
Osocarbon (Independent) Sweden
Piotr Cisak (Tutamen / 130lmtd / Bokhari Records) Poland (Live)
Questio (Cosmixed Society) Germany (Live)
Sophy Gonzaga (Independent) France/Lebanon
Suduaya (Altar Records) France (Live)
Yedhaki:Nautika (Organic Tribal Trance Band) Czech Republic (Live)

DekotroniX – Usa/Austria
Elemental Crew & Cyreal (Ufo BUfo team) Czech Republic
Morfogeneza – Poland
Nobokads Dekoration – Germany
Paraworx decoration -- Germany
Tarzan Art – Germany

Andromeda projection - Germany
Baby K (Alternate Reality) – UK
Liquid Senergy Design - USA

Free Camping & Parking
New Showers and Toilets
Healing Area With Workshops, Message, yoga and more
Fire & Led Performance
Bunny Moon Children Area ( with minimal noize )
Food & Market area with a view
Funny Forest
Hammock Garden and new Plato in upper forest
Open Air Movie Area
Castle garden Open by day
Art Gallery
Bow and arrow shooting range
Live music jam sessions
Renascence Costumes and performances

Art For Mind - a visual art laboratory which contains of visionary art gallery and decor team. The artists of Art For Mind use different visual langauges to create mystical worlds and share it with the visitors of festivals and events.
This time Art For Mind will bring their magic dome with gallery and shop inside. Also the members of Art For Mind will make body art with fluorescent paint for everyone.

(Eintritt-Entry Price @ the gate)price is from day of purchase until end of festival
Wed 10,7 – Thr 11,7(12:00) 105-
Thr 11,7 – Fri 12,7 (12:00) 100-
Fri 12,7 – Sat 13,7 (12:00) 90-
Sat 13,7 – Sun 14,7 (05:00) 80-
After Party Sun 14,7 – Mon 15,7 (7:00) Free

( Partner with Way Of Life Festival in Serbia (26-30 July 2019) free entry to W.o.l.f for everyone who gets a funny moon ticket )

(Czech republic half price)

( !!!2019 People from All Balkan countries Free !!!(Greece,Albania,Macedonia,Bulgaria,Romania,Serbia and Turkey)

Psy & Arts gathering In central Europe, finally ending up in countryside of the beautiful Czech Republic. Funny Moon has served as a platform for upcoming DJs, live acts Light Engineers , Adventure Seekers and all sorts of artists from around the globe to meet up in nature, share music, art work and our experiences together and lastly to enjoy a nice festival under the stars ,Sun and rain

All good hearted people,fraggles,elves,pixies,Children and dogs are welcome.

Feel free to mix yourself into this Cosmic society.
Czech Republic
Valic, Jinotaj
Open: 2019-07-10
End: 2019-07-15

4118 interested
587 attending

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