Goa Gil & Ariane - Trance Dance Initiation - 24 hours

Dear Family, Friends and Electronic Music Lovers

We have the huge pleasure to announce, that Goa Gil will come to Transylvania for the first time, with a 24h Trance Dance Initiation set just for You.

How to get there:
First of all, the location is completely car accessible !!!
To get to Romania, try wizzair.com, ryanair.com low cost air companies ( flights to Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Targu Mures ).
To arrive to Targu Mures from any city from Romania ( Bucharest, Cluj Napoca etc ) check the www.autogari.ro, or blablacar.ro.
In Targu Mures you need to get to Livezeni street, next to Kaufland Supermarket, there is a bus station . There you will have small private cars and minibus with the Solar Seeds/Goa Gil signs, which will take you to Silea Nirajului
From Silea Nirajului you have 3 km to the top of the mountain.There will be organised rides with tractor, to take you up.Without cars try not to come by night, cause you will need to camp in the village at the safe house ( limited places ) and continue the road during daytime. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN BY FOOT, BICYCLE OR ANY OTHER VEHICLE WITHOUT MOTOR/ENGINE BECAUSE OF THE WILD ANIMALS ON THE ROAD !!!!
We wish You a safe journey and see You on the top of the Sacred Mountain
Peace & Love

The gates open on friday 26th of July and the event will end on monday, the 29th of July.

The event will be powered by Kannon Sound
Mapping & Visuals by See

ॐ Free camping
ॐ Free water springs
ॐ Free showers
ॐ Name Your Price Shops
ॐ Chai Shop & Tea House
ॐ Vegetarian and non vegetarian food stalls ( local food, pizza, crepes, wraps ... )
ॐ 2 bars

The number of people allowed to attend this event is limited !!!

1st presale until 30 April - 33 eu
2nd presale until 25 July - 66 eu

Buy Tickets here -->> https://www.livetickets.ro/bilete/goa-gil-trance

More informations will pop up soon ;)

Peace & Love
Open: 2019-07-26
End: 2019-07-29

3220 interested
628 attending

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