Goadupa Festival 2018

Goadupa Festival July 19-22 July 2018, the Bieszczady Mountains

An event so unique that only the select few know about it, a festival so wonderful that it takes your breath away from the very first day, a place so magical that if you visit it once you will always want to return. This year Goadupa Festival in the Bieszczady Mountains throws its eight edition and, seeing its growth and vibrant development, we can expect it to be an even more unforgettable experience. If you want to reach to the stars, journey deep into yourself, and become submerged in the natural magic of the Bieszczady, this July Goadupa Festival is a perfect destination for a holiday trip.

Goadupa caters to the needs of individuals who want to break away from their day-to-day existence and for several days enter the world where needs of both the soul and heart are priorities. We all want to stop in our footsteps for a moment, submerge in beauty of the moment and together with friends experience something extraordinary. It is difficult to experience the world this way in mundane hustle-and-bustle of daily life with all its duties and obligations, it is difficult to be here and now. Being one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, the Bieszczady Mountains are magical in themselves. In the past – a Mecca for hippies, artists, and lost wanderers, today the Bieszczady feature among some of the most ‘cult’ locations on the map of Poland – a must to visit, if only once in a lifetime. A more colourful, joyful, and beautiful spot than the Bieszczady whirling in a shamanic dance of Goadupa Festival is hard to come by. The adventure is about to begin, we invite you to step on through to the other side of the looking glass.

The mission, the guiding principle for the organisers is to combine music, art, and nature into an integral, mutually permeating whole, allowing anyone to find an element or sensation that will make them happy, enchanting and satisfying. This year all those seeking oblivion by submerging in music will find four different stages. The Main Stage is the crucial spot of the event, featuring famous psychedelic trance producers and DJs. The organisers have thought to cater to everyone’s needs – with an interesting offer for fans of slower and keen progressive trance, energetic full on, but also fast and hard tempo of dark trance and hi tek. The Main Stage during this edition of the festival will host dozens of Polish and foreign artists, including Atmos, Etnica, Aes Dana, Pleiadians, or Will O Wisp. Our second stage is called Chill&Groove, it is a true specialty for seekers of dubby, ethnic, and chill climes, interwoven with sets of techno and more bouncy rhythms. This stage will provide a venue for such artists as, among others, Parvati in Dub, Etnica in Dub, Halfred, but also Jurek Przeździecki aka Epi Centrum – so well-known to all Polish fans.
Zen Canyon is a stage located in the middle of the forest, overlooking a small canyon. Climatic, brimming with magical installations, offering blankets and hammocks, Zen Canyon offers a respite from burning rays of the Bieszczady sun and a possibility to sink deep into the sounds of mature electronica. At night the aura of the canyon becomes transformed – mapping, UV, and audiovisual shows activate the nocturnal dimension of the installations, revealing the canyon’s other face. Fans of ambient and spacious chill out sounds are advised to follow the paths leading to the small sylvan stage flooding Zen Canyon with beautiful soothing sets, perfectly inscribed within the aura of this secluded wooded spot.

The fourth stage is a huge surprise for all fans of the event, never before practiced by organisers of other similar festivals in Poland. Goadupa is the first festival to offer its audience a venue with a tricky name – “Life Stage” – meaning a stage of life. This stage is exclusively dedicated to instrumental music. You will get a chance to enjoy psychedelic sounds of space rock, jazz, stoner, or hip-hop. The artistic patronage over the fourth stage is provided by Soulstone Gathering and Gadafest. You can expect true stars of Polish psychedelic music, including Weedpacker, Spaceslug, and Sunnata as well as representatives of mature hip-hop and electronica – such as Gadabit and Flute Piano Beatz. The organisers are not afraid of challenges and this year they have also invited musicians and representatives of instrumental jazz. We highly recommend seeing a performance of Kuba Płużek, a truly gifted pianist. It will be his first ever show at a psychedelic culture festival. The decor and multimedia installations will be produced by the Vortex Visual Division, a crew known to all fans from similar club and outdoor events. Judging by the enormous interest in this venture, although only debuting this year, the Life Stage has all the makings of one of the highlights of this year’s artistic programme.

Music, being the most important feature of our festival, is not its only component by any means. The organisers will also take care of the spiritual development zone, without limiting themselves to the realm of the spirit. Festival guests will be provided with opportunities of participating in all sorts of spiritual workshops, personal development courses, yoga or juggling classes; they will also find a wide array of massage types – from classical to energetic. It is also worth mentioning a rich programme of lectures, film screenings, or talks on spiritual development, health, and ecology. The Healing&Workshops Zone offers everything that a human being trying to break free from the fatigue of the daily routine can dream about. As always, the programme will be diversified and everyone will be able to find something to suit their tastes.

We also have very good news for the revellers who want to attend the festival in company of their kids. This year the organisers have put particular focus to the needs of parents and their offsprings. For years Goadupa has offered a special Kids Area in the forest where passionate childhood education practitioners organise original workshops and games for children. This year the organisers go a step further. They will create a special zone for families in a shaded spot, offering the space to have meals and play with their children or to simply meet with others. Additionally, we also plan to designate showers and toilets with priority for children and their parents. As you can see, the festival is growing mature not only in terms of entertainment, but it takes into account special needs and comfort of participants and their children alike.
Obviously, next to meeting the needs of the spirit, Goadupa Festival also takes good care of the body. To the first rhythms from our sound systems, the zone populated with foodtrucks from all over Poland will launch into operation. But food is not everything. The zone will also provide space for stalls selling handicraft, clothes, or jewellery. Among the wares available there, you will also find gadgets and clothes bearing the logo of the Goadupa brand. The organisers have taken a very good care to ensure varied food to suit all tastes. From among the foodtrucks that have already confirmed participation in the event, let us mention Tio Malo serving specialties of Mexican cuisine, U Włocha with real Italian pizza, or Acai Bar boasting of the most healthy smoothies in Poland. Moreover, Funky Donkey will guarantee a supply of real high quality coffee.

All the elements and zones of the festival are fused into a visual whole by a collective of artists responsible for decor, art installations, and audiovisual displays. Goadupa’s Main Stage is one of the most enchanting elements of the entire festival, the artists responsible for the design this year are Krakow’s duo 2 deko and Loop String Art Collective with experience gained from work at festivals of this type worldwide. String art Decodethecode large format installations are always an eagerly anticipated permanent component of the visual decor. This year the Chill&Groove will be created based on the designs of artists associated with the Czech Ufo Bufo Festival. D44, the due so far responsible for this stage, this year will manage the installations designed for the Forest Zone. The already mentioned Vortex Visual Division along with its crew will take care of the entire Life Stage. Goadupa is one massive playground of arts inspired by psychedelic culture. Wherever you turn, you are bound to find something surprising and extraordinary – be it a gallery or an installation hidden somewhere in the depths of the forest. All these is well worth visiting, experiencing, and seeing.

We are short for words capable of describing emotions and experiences which are the share Goadupa Festival participants. No photos can reflect the atmosphere and show the energy generated by crowds dancing on a mountain top at sunrise. Words are not enough, so we are going to stop here, stating: The adventure is about to begin and only its only up to you to decide whether you want to be a part of it or not.


Kontakt dla mediów:
Agnieszka Górka
[email protected]
+48 530 053 513


Line up:

An event so unique that only the select few know about it, a festival so wonderful that it takes your breath away from the very first day, a place so magical that if you visit it once you will always want to return.



Aes Dana (FR)
Algorika (FR)
Atan (PL)
Atmos (SE)
Bartech (PL)
Braincell (CH)
Deeh (BR)
Deliriant (RSA)
Diksha (BR)
Ditch (PL)
Dzida (PL)
Eclipse Echoes (BR)
Ejczka (CZ)
Etnica (IT)
Havaya (PL)
Hypnoxock (ES)
JediMaster (PL)
Jot (PL)
Kino OKO (PL)
KodaKade (PL)
Lunatix (PL)
Mabeat (PL)
Maiia 303 (RU)
Meff (PL)
Mysterion (ARG)
Nanoplex (UK)
Neutron (UK)
Nois (PL)
Nozyo (PL)
Ochen (PL)
Pleiadians (IT)
Praecox (PL)
Psique (BR)
Sabretooth (UK)
Silicon Sound (FR)
Solar Spectrum (CH)
Tek (SE)
Tetrasound (UK)
Toxic (ES)
Trip (PL)
Vlastur (GR)
Will O Wisp (ARG)
Wyrx (PL)
Zloj (SE)


Abu (PL)
Abyss (PL)
Antek (USA)
Arayan (PL)
Arma (PL)
Asphodel (PL)
Bladzinsky (PL)
Ben Coda (UK)
Bongo (PL)
CJ Art. (PL)
Damon (PL)
DJ Ipcress (UK)
Dominorr (PL)
Dub Therapist (PL)
Dubseed (PL)
Elf (PL)
Epix (PL)
Etnica in Dub (IT)
Green Beats (ES)
Hemisphere (PL)
Halfred (IT)
Invoker (PL)
Jan III Faza aka Fonix (PL)
Johannes Regnier (FR)
Jurek Przeździecki aka Epi Centrum (PL)
Kjub (PL)
Kuczer (PL)
Iacchus (UK)
Land Switcher (FR)
Maiia (RU)
Mainliner (PL)
Marion (PL)
Matured Structure (UK)
Mistic (PL)
Panda on the bambo tree (PL)
Parvati in Dub (GR)
Paul Kwitek (PL)
Primal (PL)
Red Sun Rising (PL)
Sin (PL)
Styropian (PL)
Tara Putra (DE)
Tween (PL)
Yaos (PL)
Zoe ( PL)


105L (PL)
Aheloy (PL)
Antek (USA)
Artur Rumiński (PL)
Damon (PL)
Deaf Can Dance (PL)
Discomule (PL)
DJ Jussi (PL)
Dominorr (PL)
eM (PL)
Elf (PL)
Finchherb (DE)
Floyd (PL)
Fonix (PL)
Glitchsquid (PL)
Heliocentrism (PL)
Hemisphere (PL)
Huges (PL)
Invoker (PL)
Jah Bass (PL)
Johny Mandrake (PL)
Kaj‘t (PL)
Kixnare a.k.a Universo (PL)
Kondensator Przepływu (PL)
Kuba Śliwiński (PL)
Liquid Delay (SK)
Matik Automatik (PL)
meno mosso (PL)
Miko'why (PL)
Olivia (PL)
Piotr Cisak (PL)
Primal ft. Rita Raga (PL)
Ritual Thrills (PL)
Robek (PL)
Pitz (PL)
Spajder Jeruzalem (PL)
Sufi (PL)
Syrena (PL)
Virtual Geisha (PL)
White Moon (PL)
Yaos (PL)


Friday 20 July

Red Scalp
The Gentle Art Of Cooking People

Saturday 21 July

Flute Piano Beatz
Kuba Płużek


Natura Park Bieszczady
Open: 2018-07-19
End: 2018-07-22

19703 interested
3819 attending

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