Masters of Puppets Festival 2019

Masters of Puppets Festival 2019

Seven days and seven nights, celebrating psychedelic music, culture & art featuring a worldwide collective of artists & much more. The sixth edition takes place in a beautiful location in the Czech Republic with at a fully facilitated camping area.

Fully immersive psychedelic environment / Revolutionary Lambda Labs QX3 Sound-systems / 3D Projection Mapping / Art Gallery ft. VR section & Installations / Workshops / Lectures / Multi-level cultural and educational area / Psychedelic Market / World street-food / /accommodation for rent/ shuttle services from Berlin, Praha, Vienna and Zurich.



►ALIEN HARDWARE (Lunatic Alien/Electricmoon) Hungary

►ALIEN LAZER BABY (Independent)

(Braindrill Records/Masters of Puppets) UK

►ALPSCORE (Alice-D Records) Italy

►APOLLYON (Freak Records) UK

►ARAS (Masters of Puppets) Austria

►ARCEK (Kamino Records) Mexico

►ASTRAL LABYRINTH (Oktoom records) Brazil

► ATARO (Freak Records / Damaru Records) UK

►AUDIOPATHIK (Kamino Records) Mexico

►AUROKARYA (Urban Antidote Records) Portugal

►AZTEC DOSAGE (Atman Records / Biomechanikal) Italy

► BOMBAX (Kamino Records) Germany

►CALABI YAU (Blackout Records) Argentina

►CALYPTRATUS (Alice-D Records) Germany

►CARO SUNSHINE (Gaggalacka) Germany

►CIRCUIT JERK (Masters of Puppets) Australia

►CRACKED NOZES (Parvati Records) Portugal/ Germany

►CRYPTICAL CONCEPT (Dopetec Records) Austria

►DARK WHISPER (Alice-D Records) IT

►DAYANA (Atman Records) Italy

►DEV (Kamino Records) India

►DIANSIS (Lycanthrop Records) Greece

►D.O.C (Sacred Sound Rec.) Italy

►ENlCHKIN (EniChkin studio) Russia

►EYERING VIBES (Madlabs) Austria

►FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina

►GOAGNOM (STZ Records) Austria

►GOTALIEN (Kamino Records) Italy

►GOTAVAT (Kamino Records) Italy

►HARSH (Lunatic Alien Records) India

►HIGHKO (Blast Records) Germany

►HIGHWAR (Blast Records) Germany & Portugal

►HYPERSCOPE (Masters of Puppets/RadicalFrequency) Germany

►INDACORUNA (Labyrinthine Crew) Italy

►INFRA (Anomalistic Records) Austria

►KAIKKIALLA (STZ Records) Belgium

►KASATKA (Alice-D Records) Germany

►KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) Mexico

►KATSUMI (STZ Records) Austria

►KAYA (Alice-D Records) Germany

►KILLA TK (Zulu Tunes) Brazil

►KINDZADZA (Osom) Russia

►KRI (Lucid Dreams) Austria

►KYKEON (Atman Records) Italy

►LIQUID E.T. (Brain Drill Records/Peyotech Crew) Austria

►LOGIC PSYCHO (Masters of Puppets) Austria


►LOVA (Nutriadance Records) IT

►LUULI (Anomalistic Records)

►LUULI ON PLANKTON (Anomalistic Records)

► LYSERG (Lucid Dreams) Austria

►MAIKO (Little Dark Family) Lithuania/Italy

►MENTALECHO (Masters of Puppets) Portugal

►MICRODOT B2B TIMEFLY (24/7 Records) Austria

►MIMIC VAT (Kamino Records) Portugal

►MIRROR ME (Anomalistic Records)

►MINDPLAX (STZ & Alice-D Records) - Austria

►MITA (Popol Vuh Records) Turkey

►MURUKHAN (Alice-D Records) Spain

►NARKOTIKA (Dark Enlightenment) Germany

►NECROPSYCHO (Alice-D Records) Brazil

►NOCTURNES CREATURES (Masters Of Puppets) Austria

►NOITRIK (Alice-D Records) UK

►NONO (Fantazy Records) Austria

► NUTRAM KALKU (Egregor Music) Argentina

►OBSCURUM (STZ Records) Austria

►ODYSEE (Alpha Betta Gemma) Austria

► OGOUN (Alice-D Records) IT/BRA


►ORESTIS (Sonic Loom) Greece

►OROBORO (Anomalistic Records)

►OTONOKAZE (Masters Of Puppets) Austria

►PASTOR JOHN (Zulu Tunes) South Africa

►PHILOSO (Kamino Records) Austria

►PLANKTON (Anomalistic Records) Switzlerand


►PSYKOVSKY (Osom) Russia

►PSYPEROXISM (Alpha Betta Gemma) Austria

►PSYNOMINA (Ovni Records) Spain

►R.MIN (Psyperience) Iran

►RADICE (Atman Records / Labyrinthine Crew) Italy

►RADIRUNA (Labyrinthine Crew) Italy

►RAWAR (Deviant Force Records) Portugal

►SATOR AREPO (Deviant Force Records) Germany

►SAWSHIELD (STZ Records) India

►SELECTIVE MOOD (Zulu Tunes) Austria

►SHEEP ON AETHER (STZ Records) Austria

►SICK NOISE (Masters of Puppets) Serbia

►SPASHEE (Lucid Dreams) Austria

►TERATOM (Luminati / Dark Dream Records) - Germany

►THE PAN PIPER (Esoteric Warfare Records) Spain

►TYNDRA (Catar Records) Spain

►TZOLKIN PROJECT (Ovni Records) Mexico

►TSU-JAN (Anomalistic Records) Austria

►UMBER VAMBER (Active Meditation Music) Russia

►VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE (Masters of Puppets) Austria

►VIRTUANOISE (Freak Records) Italy

►WILL O WISP (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina

►XENROX (Kamino Records) Austria

► YAMINAHUA (Osom Rec.) Switzerland

►YATZEE (Masters of Puppets) Italy

►ZIKORE (Sonic Loom) Greece


►ANAKIS (Vantara Vichitra Records) France

►ANTONYMOUS (Sonic Loom Records) Greece

►ASPHALT-PIRATES (Freebooter Records) Germany

►BREGER (Soupherb Records & Zenon Records) Germany

►BUBBLEGUNS (Digital Shiva Power) India

►CALEIDOSCOPE (Soundlab Pirates) Austria

►CHARU (Kodama) Austria

►CHOZEN JO (Milega Records) UK

►CHUDL (Banyan Records) Austria

►CORDOVOX (Bhooteshwara / Alien Transport) Israel

►DISPROVE (Methlab Recordings) Germany

►DR ZIZMIR (Masters of Puppets) Austria

►EXEPT (Methlab Recordings) Italy

►FABIO AMIGO (Ewoks / Visionary Shamanics) Germany

►FILTERHEADS (Wildthings) UK / Austria

►GOCH (Vantara Vichitra Records) India

►GURTRUDE (Triplicity) UK

►HANS DUNKELKAMMER (Quintessence / Glitchy Tonic Records) Germany

►HIDE (Milega Records) Japan

►HUGADAM (Banyan Records) Austria

►HUMANGROOVE (Flow EV) - Austria

►HYPOGEO (Zenon Records) Italy

►INSANE CREATURES (Catar Records) Spain

►INSANO & CAMSIS (Visionary Shamanics) Austria

►ISOMETRIC (Catar Records / Gloom Music) Spain

►JARAMOGI & NAIMA (Blue Hour Sounds) Austria

►KAMALA (Sonic Tantra / Galactic Crew) Belgium

►KEBUN (Hybrid Records) Austria

►KIMMEI (Parvati Records) Germany

►KLANGMASSAKER (Soundlab Pirates) Austria

►KROMAGON (Zenon Records) USA

►MALEX (Soundlab Pirates) Austria

►MIND OSCILLATION (Deviant Force / Banyan Rec.) Greece

►MINDZIK (Zik-World) Greece

►MISSIN (Methlab Recordings) Serbia

►MLDJ (Methlab Recordings)

►MNGRM (Techgnosis) Portugal

►MYSTERION (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina

►NAIMA (Sangoma Records) Austria

►NOCULT (Banyan Records) Austria

►OCHEN (Dope Deer Records, Medulla Oblongata) Poland

►ODDICON (Vantara Vichitra Records) Malaysia

►OKAPI (Illegal Art / Offset Records) Italy

►OPTIV (Methlab Recordings) Switzerland

►PANCHO (Vantara Vichitra Records) Brasil

►PANWUWU (Kodama) Austria

►PARANORMAL (Profusion Records) Austria

►PETRAN (Parvati Records) Greece

►PINAR (Shiva Valley) Turkey

►PSYKIA (Vantara Vichitra Records / Banyan Records) Italy

►PSYRIX (Hedonix) CZ

►QUIP TONE BEATS (Mental Sauce / Pukkawallah Records) Japan

►RITUAL (Independant) Greece


►SABSUNSHINE (Soundlab Pirates) Austria

►SHAMANIAK (Banyan Records) Austria

►SISHIVA (Lycantrop Records) Greece

►STRANGE ANTIQUARK (Xenophilia) Austria

►SUBP YAO (Methlab Recordings) Netherlands

►SYMBIOGENETICS (Independant) Austria

►TIEFENRAUSCH (Alpentrauma / Banyan) Austria

►DJ TURO (Psyalaska Crew) Slovakia

►UUROHMBRE (Shipibo Sounds) Turkey

►WHITE WIZARD (Digital Shiva Power) India

►WHRIKK (Sanathon)

►YARA (Deviant Force / Banyan Records) Venezuela

►YONAGUAL (Zenon Records) Finland

►ZIK (Sonic Loom) Greece

EarlyBird: 85,- € incl 21% VAT+BF sold out

1st Phase 100,- € incl 21% VAT+BF sold out

2nd Phase 120,- € incl 21% VAT+BF sold out

3rd Phase 135,- € incl 21% VAT+BF sold out

4th Phase 150,- € incl 21% VAT+BF +90% sold out+

5th Phase 165,- € incl 21% VAT+BF

Phases are limited in numbers and will sell out one after another.


This Festival is OVER 18s ONLY!

Tickets have to be personalised.

Valid ID matching the name on the ticket needs to be presented at the gate.

Name changes can be done directly with our ticket provider after the ticket has been issued up until 1st of May 2019!

Strictly no refunds!

Unpaid tickets will not be mailed out to customers!


4 Pax Bungalow: 650,- € incl 21% VAT and Showerchips +BF

2 Pax Bungalow: 350,- € incl 21% VAT and Showerchips +BF

4 Pax Tent: 300,- € incl 21% VAT +BF


Berlin-Mop 30.06. 70,- € incl 21% VAT+BF
Mop-Berlin 08.07. 70,- € incl 21% VAT+BF

Mop - Vienna 30.06. / 01.07.: 40,- € incl 21% VAT+BF
Vienna - Mop 07.07. / 08.07. : 40,- € incl 21% VAT+BF

Mop - Praha 30.06. / 01.07.: 35,- € incl 21% VAT+BF
Praha - Mop 07.07. / 08.07.: 35,- € incl 21% VAT+BF

Schedules TBA

Follow us for upcoming news:

STRICTLY NO ◦ GLASS bottles, under 18’s (ID upon request), fires, fireworks, domestic animals, independent sound systems, illegal substances, graffiti, vandalism, violence. Right of admission reserved. Participation in the event is entirely at own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings, even in the case f negligence, as care is taken to make this event safe and secure. Tickets are non refundable.
Czech Republic
Autocamp na Kopci
Open: 2019-07-01
End: 2019-07-07

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