Mozamboogy 2017

Right Here is where you get introduced to a GREAT ADVENTURE. Picture yourself dancing to the rhythmical but solid bass beat associated with great Psy Trance, with the white beach sand between your toes. Surrounded by friends, new and old. All like-minded people, with a sense of adventure. A one kilometre long beachfront resort - a magical place holding unthinkable beauty. A true testament of Mother Nature at her best. A cosmopolitan event attended by all walks of life, from every corner of this planet. Entertained by great dj’s, capturing visuals and décor. Free workshops to keep you busy, or to learn something new. And an entire other world to explore and discover.
Ponta Malongane
Open: 2017-08-04
End: 2017-08-08

3032 interested
666 attending
3032 maybe
5206 invited