Mozamboogy 2018

Mozamboogy - described as "mozam - magic" is an unique psytrance experience. Simply imagine yourself stomping barefoot on the sea sand and partaking in one of life's most memorable adventures.

To quote some of our fellow Boogiers:
"Wow What a magical experience"
"Thank you Thank you for my very first Boogy, and it won't be my last. I must've stolen a piece of everyones sunshine, because I still feel so full of light"
"Still in amazement about this beautiful festival!"
"I had heard great stories of "The Boogy" and tales of mozam-magic and I can confirm, it is not a word of a lie"

Mozamboogy is much more to do than just another psytrance party. Included in your festival ticket you can join various workshops - from early morning yoga sessions on the beach through to poi lessons, slackline walking and much more. Go for walks on the beach, enjoy a shopping session in the local crafts market in the village of Molangane, consume fresh prawns at one of several restaurants and learn to appreciate the ever famous local alcoholic drink of choice "R and R", a mix of local Rum and Rasberry cooldrink.

Life is fleeting - get out there and enjoy the beginning of a Great Adventure.
Ponta Malongane rest camp Kosi Bay Ponta Malongane, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique 060 873 0208
Open: 2018-07-26
End: 2018-07-29

1976 interested
548 attending
1976 maybe