Psygathering 2017

After 9 years B2B is back with their Psygathering concept. This time the event will have 2 rooms; The main room will be the prog and full-on, providing a variety of big names that are smashing the festivals all over the world as we speak! For the oldskool area, we have something special in mind, Etnica will play a 25 years anniversary set, so invest in some good dancing gear!!! And together with other great names from the Belgian and international scene, we will make this an evening not to be forgotten. To give everybody a fair chance to participate we start the PRESALE the 2nd of December at 10 EUROS!!

█▓▒░░ Full-On & Prog trance stage ░░▒▓█

----Live Act's----

✦ Vini Vici ✦ (Iboga Records) Israel

✦ Sesto Sento ✦ (Mainstage Records) Israel

✦ Outsiders ✦ (Tip World | Sacred Technology) Israel

✦ Waio ✦ (Zero 1 Music | Sacred Technology) Brazil

✦ SynSUN ✦ (B2B/ Tomorrowland) Ukraine
----presenting his new album ! ----

----DJ sets----

✦ Dj Firaga✦ (B2B/ Tomorrowland .BE)

✦ DJ Guadaloop vs Dj Smokonut ✦(B2B /BR)

█▓▒░░ Oldskool Goa and Psytrance ░░▒▓█


✦ Etnica ✦ (Live Etnicanet rec.) Italy
--special 25 years anniversary set--

✦ Pleiadians ✦ (Live Etnicanet rec.Ibiza)

✦ Ohm Mind ✦( Live goamadness Record/neogoa Records.BE)

----DJ sets----

✦ Anoebis ✦ (Suntrip rec BE)
Suntrip Records

✦ Lynx aka Binary Bliss ✦ (Suntrip rec BE)
Suntrip records

█▓▒░░ Dark Psytrance ░░▒▓█


✦Scope✦ (Lost Theory .BE)

----DJ sets----

Input Malfunction (B2B prod/ Global Army .BE)

Bat Stan (High Frequencies .BE)

Phoenixe (B2B prod .RU)

▒░▒░ Extra info ▒░▒░

▒░ Smoking room
▒░ Shop area
▒░ Lockers and chill area
▒░ Laser show and good music !!

▒░Uv decoration by ▒░

Spiral Spectrum Productions
Campattack Visuals (mapping and deco)
and one more coming soon

▒░ Presale Info ▒░

this is a nice one for the really early birds !

✦the real early birds✦
Sold Out !!

✦the early birds✦
15 euro from Now till 15 March 2017 SOLD OUT !

✦the birds ... who decides a little later✦
20 euro

all is + adm cost

and ... 25 at the doors

▒░ thing to leave at home ...▒░

-own drinks-
-under 18 years -
-bad vibes-

▒░ some extra's ▒░
free fruit in the night
uv face painting
and more coming soon ;)

▒░ location ?▒░
well you can see that above ;) It will be Psytrance in The Main Room, Oldskool in the Second and Dark in the Third Room !!
IKON Antwerp
Open: 2017-04-08
End: 2017-04-09

6369 interested
1611 attending
6369 maybe

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