Reign Bough Fiddle 2018 (Space Cats v. Flying Saucers)

A Spirited Outdoor Musical Adventure

The Reign Bough Fiddle is an inclusive, fun, positively inspiring music and arts festival a short drive from Edmonton, Alberta.

Come experience a friendly community atmosphere along with four epic stages of insanely good electronic and live music, local art, engaging workshops, and live adventure quest games.

Our venue is a beautiful fully functioning campground with powered stalls and free water available.



Reign Bough Fiddle is a registered not-for-profit festival; we keep a family friendly vibe and do not permit or sell alcohol.


The Reign Bough Fiddle draws its inspiration from an indigenous story that shares with us an optimistic vision of interpersonal and planetary unity, but not of sameness.

The story is a reminder that we are all related, and that like the colours of the rainbow, it is our individual differences that make us so beautiful.

Whether you come to this event for the community, art, games, music, or workshops, you are sure to have a great time and take away something positive which is as unique and beautiful as you are.


The festival features four themed stages with immersive environments created by experienced decoration crews; each stage has its own unique vibe, and each represents one stop in an overall journey. What this journey is you will have to discover for yourself because no two people are going to see it in exactly the same way.

The Desert Rose: Uplifting progressive house, classic & psychedelic trance, and other good vibin’ bouncy tunes

The Waystation: Amazingly groovy chill out, mid-tempo, uplifting music, and live acts.

The Tower: Electro jamz, Funky House, Drum & Bass, groovy glitch, Melodic Trap, and other earthy flavours (but still with a fun uplifting spirit!)

The Tesla: A groovy multi-genre paradise on the beach.


This year's adventure theme is an epic showdown: Space Cats v. Flying Saucers. Join us in defending the Rainbow Realm from nefarious invaders known as the Time Vikings.

The days are better with adventure; complete quests and attend special events to earn fame, fortune, prizes, and a lot of fun.


Our workshops are engaging and very informative. All of them are put on by experienced facilitators who understand the subjects well. They are intended for the beginner but have enough depth that you'll be excited to learn more about these interesting topics after the event.


If you like dancing the night away you'll find it difficult to pick your favorite stage no matter what genre you're into, our artists truly love music and love sharing that passion with others.



The Reign Bough Fiddle is a common non-profit platform available for local artists looking to share and promote their work, whether they are in the performing arts, fine arts, or musical arts.


The Reign Bough Fiddle is a unique event with unique vendors, take a stroll through our Market Bazaar, you never know what treasure you might find!

** ATM Available **


This is a leave no trace event. Please be respectful of the land and the organization which has kindly agreed to host our gathering.

This is an inclusive event, please treat others with respect and kindness.

Searches will be in effect. We do not permit or sell alcohol. Please do not bring glass bottles, weapons, fireworks, or bad attitudes. There are no amplified music or renegade stages allowed in the camping area.

We maintain a family friendly vibe, please enjoy yourself to the fullest but be respectful of those who choose to bring their children to the adventure.

If you wish to bring a pet please apply for a pet pass prior to the event, for the safety of everyone we only allow a limited number of well behaved pets on site.


Online shop:

Tickets will be available soon at Foosh (Edmonton), Grassroots (Calgary) and
Smoky Lake, AB, Canada
Open: 2018-06-29
End: 2018-07-02

917 interested
379 attending

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