Sacred Earth Open-Air 2019


We invite all to come dance, relax, join our community workshops and explore the wonder for 4 days and 3 nights on provate property in rural Minnesota. Sacred Earth Open-Air, our longest running festival, is created as a “Cosmic Condensate” in which our music, motion, light and love form a structure in space and time to create a microcosmic celebration of the infinite. Multiple stages of world-class visuals & art and musicians from all over the world to take you on a voyage through space, hyperspace and the dreamtime through Goa trance, psytrance, full-on, neuro, progressive trance, forest, hi-tech, ambient, PsyDM, world, downtempo, atmospheric, experimental and everything in between.

Come celebrate this phenomenon of the cosmos with The Chilluminati as we continue in our 14th year of bringing psychedelic trance music, tradition and culture to North America.


Multiple stages of sound, visuals and light, 4 days and 3 nights of camping and community


A tent, preparation for rugged conditions, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash – food and beverages will be available for sale, including alcohol for 21+)

ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS, NO PETS and NO RENEGADE SOUND! (this includes sound systems at your campsite!)

Please respect the venue by keeping the grounds free of litter.


Become part of the community. Help the planet, and help us. Pick up after yourself. Leave the site, and our reputation as a community, better than you found it.

~~~ For your eyes ~~~

Bird's Eye Projections .:. Milwaukee, WI

Psynesthesia .:. St. Petersburg, FL

Digiterrestrial .:. Minneapolis, MN

Perplexia .:. Menominee, MI

~~~ For your ears (in alphabetical order) ~~~

1L1S1D1 .:. Chilluminati .:. Chicago, IL

Alberto .:. leftchannel .:. Columbus, OH

Alexander .:. FAZE 2 Solutions/Maharetta Rec. .:. Denver, CO

Amarok .:. Chilluminati .:. Chicago, IL

Amritaji .:. OmunityMoons .:. Salt Lake City, UT

Ancient Fruit .:. Cosmic E.G.G. .:. Minneapolis, MN

Ascella .:. Plush Industries- Milwaukee, WI

Astro Grimm .:. Denver, CO

Astrolabe .:. Minneapolis, MN

Avant Garde .:. Detroit, MI

BrandenFace .:. Chilluminati/Psychedelic Movement .:. Minneapolis, MN

Carnap .:. Deepdharma Technologies .:. Iowa City, IA

Construct .:.Plush Industries - Milwaukee, WI

Dark Diggler .:. Ashland, WI

Destro .:.Zod Records .:. Milwaukee, WI

Dfectv .:. Audiognomes .:. Madison, WI

Ekimskrid .:. Anomalistic Records .:. Elephant Island, AN

Fervor .:. Green Bay, WI

GadgetG .:. Minneapolis, MN

HardkorNate .:. Spacecamp Psyfari .:. Sacramento, CA

Holy Metronome .:. Eldritch Crew .:. Evansville, IN

I Contaqt .:. Chicago, IL

Izzy .:. Sangoma Rec .:. Indianapolis, IN

JunJuar .:. Anomolistic Records .:. Bloomington, IL

Juno Reactor .:. Metropolis Records .:. Brighton, England

Kataphasis .:. Kataphasis Music .:. Denver, CO

Kiisu .:. Abstrakt Xpressions .:. Minneapolis, MN

Krikett .:. ZFG .:. St. Petersburg, FL

LiftShift .:. Zero1 Music .:. Amsterdam, NL

Litch .:. Minneapolis, MN

Machi .:. Chilluminati .:. Milwaukee, WI

Miss Astro Spook .:. Minneapolis, MN

mrBlaQ .:. Intellephunk/Overland Recordings .:. Minneapolis, MN

Mubali .:. Parvati Records .:. La Jolla, CA

Niki Kitz .:. Apart & Plush Industries .:. Minneapolis, MN

Obliviant .:. Looney Moon .:. Amsterdam, NL

Pandanāndi .:. Eldritch Crew .:. Evansville, IN

Panties the Clown .:. Indigo Presents .:. Portland, OR

Paradigm .:. Pulse SF/Sculpted Sounds .:. Los Angeles, CA

Perfect Stranger .:. Iboga Records .:. Kensington, CA

Primordial Ooze .:. Chilluminati .:. Milwaukee, WI

ProPsyLes .:. Chilluminati .:. Milwaukee, WI

Psychohazzard .:. Chilluminati .:. Chicago, IL

Psynonomous .:. Denver, CO

Qubit .:. Omaha, NE

Redscare .:. Deepdharma Technologies/Eldritch Crew .:. Austin, TX

Ryote .:. Kajunga Records / Clave House .:. Minneapolis, MN

Sari Postol .:. St. Louis, MO

Sophia Amare .:. Chilluminati .:. Minneapolis, MN

Spycht .:. Anomalistic Records .:. Cedar Rapids, IA

Suit & Tie Guy .:. STG Soundlabs .:. Peoria, IL

Sweetbarry .:. Chilluminati .:. Minneapolis, MN

Telomere.:. Chilluminati .:. Denver, CO

Transiant .:. Psyde Effect Records .:. Minneapolis, MN

Wichdokta .:. Full Circle Productions .:. Ukiah, CA

Xexyz .:. Milwaukee, WI

Yuli Fershtat .:. Digital Structures .:. Kensington, CA
United States
Minnesota River Valley Sanctuary and Retreat
Open: 2019-06-07
End: 2019-06-10

906 interested
373 attending

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