Samsara Himalaya Edition India

Samsara Himalaya Edition embracing Bir International Yoga Festival conducted by AryaMarga Yoga, will be a new platform for bringing together yoga and psybient music lovers desiring health and joy from all over the world.

Samsara Himalaya Edition - in association with AryaMarga Yoga - will gather in one place, at one time, experienced Yoga, Qigong and Tai chi teachers, healers from the fields of Reiki, Ayurveda and Chinese and Tibetan acupuncture. We will also introduce the visitors to the healing and evolutionary arts of Sound and Vision healing, while on the music stage part of the Samsara psybient line-up will set the mood for the afternoons and late evenings.

All of this will be decorated and conducted under the general understanding of the five Elements that form the Universe and each one of us. It will be a festival of the five Elements, a celebration of the five Senses in harmony.

Samsara Himalaya Edition will be held in and around the environs of the Tibetan section of Bir Village. The heart of Himachal Pradesh in India in the Himalayan foothills of Tibet, 64 kilometers from Dharamshala, the residence of the Dalai Lama.

The accommodation for visitors will be in and around the Tibetan section of Bir-Billing. The non-Indian visitors will be required to register themselves at the Dharamshala Foreigner Registration office. Upon registration, foreigners will be given the PAP (Protected Area Permit) – valid for one month – as Bir village is in an environmentally protected zone. Our festival crew will assist all guests through this easy process upon arrival.

There will be platforms erected for the practice of Yoga, Qigong, and Tai chi, and large tents erected for the healers. The setting for these will be in large grass pastures with breathtaking views.

Yoga Roundtable Conference (YRC)

YRC is a concept founded on the need to have authenticity and true depth included in the teaching and learning of Yoga. To move deeper and higher into inner experiences beyond the reach of asana practice, the essential practices and techniques of Yoga should be included in the teaching curriculum of Yoga studios/ centres.

Our goal at Aryamarga Yoga is to help bring together authentic masters of the grand lineages and traditions of Yoga and the modern practitioners or teachers of Yoga from around the world in one place, here at Bir. The aim is for the codification and transmission of authentic inner yoga practices so that these practices can then be taught to students of Yoga around the world.
Bir, India
Open: 2017-10-06
End: 2017-10-15

1075 interested
320 attending
1075 maybe