SHIVA Spirit Festival 2019 ♆ Denmark ♆

Psychedelic music and art festival, in the heart of Denmark 🔊👽

Save the date - this one will be something new for Denmark

♆ S.H.I.V.A Spirit Festival 2019 @ Herning DK ♆

Shiva is the lord of dance and the god of the yogis. Self-controlled and celibate. While at the same time a lover of his spouse (Shakti). Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world, following Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver, after which Brahma again creates the world and so on and so on. Shiva is responsible in the positive sense of destruction the ego, the false identification with the form.

Music stage will play music from
16.00 - 00.00. Thursday
10.00 - 02.00. Friday
10.00 - 03.00. Saturday
10.00 - 18.00. Sunday

In Denmark music is only allowed out-door from 10.00 - 02.00.
But we are allowed to play until 03.00 a clock Saturday :D

We can blast the hours, with the same model of D&B Sound system as Boom use at main-floor.
100-105 dB

"Shiva Stage"

30 year anniversary world tour
♆ Koxbox (Zero1 Music l Denmark)

First time in DK
♆ Hypnocoustics (TIP Records l UK)

♆ Virtual Light (Zero1 Music l Canada)

♆ Naturalize (BlueTunes Records l Denmark)

First time in DK
♆ Starlab (Digital Om Records l India)

♆ Estefano Haze (Iono Records l Denmark)

15 years anniversary set:
♆ Ibojima (TIP Records l Sweden)

♆ Justin Chaos (Zero1 Music l Argentina)

First time in DK
♆ Delirium Tremens (Dream Project Records l Italy)


♆ Jahbo (Parvati Records l Denmark)

♆ Onkel Dunkel (Parvati Records l Denmark)

First official live-set in DK
♆ Audiofools (Parvati Records l Denmark) Jahbo + Onkel Dunkel !!

♆ Giuseppe (Parvati Records l Denmark)

♆ Tripnosis (Protoned Music l Denmark)

♆ Aum Shanti (Protoned Music l Denmark)

♆ Oxyflux (Protoned Music l Denmark)

♆ Second Sun (SpinTwist Records l Denmark)

♆ Naughty Notes (Dynamite Recordings l Denmark)

♆ Novotech (Dynamite Recordings l Denmark)

♆ Sacred Secret (Upward Records l Denmark)

♆ Pilot (Free Spirit l Denmark)

♆ Phenomenon (Underdog Records l Denmark)

♆ Karmatrix (Fleye Records l Denmark)


♆ Goa Jonas (TIP Records l Germany)

♆ Child Os (WAO Festival l Italy)

First time in DK
♆ LX-D (Iono Records l Germany)

♆ Schrittmacher (Iono Records l Germany)

♆ Crasyrus (TechnoState l Sweden)

♆ Dean Vigus (OV Silence Music l Germany)

♆ NoroN (Free-Spirit l Mexico)

First time in Denmark
PsyCatrick (PsynOpticz Records l India)

♆ Mary Swan (Free spirit l Denmark)

♆ Woos (Protoned Music l Denmark)

♆ AGZ (World People Production l Denmark)

♆ QZE & LULIC (Protoned Music l Denmark)

♆ JJ & Wilson (Free Spirits l Denmark)

♆ Spench (Free spirit l Denmark)

♆ Cloudkicker (Underdog Recordings l Denmark)

♆ Thrue Brother (Free-Spirit l Denmark)

♆ Tuci (Northern Light Parties l Denmark)

This are alle the wizards we take to the Shiva Spirit 2019 edition !
Line-up therefore closed for this season <3

♆ Deco-Team ♆

Tempel Creations (LI)

We are ready to publish this year's DECO team. In 2019 we go all-in on psychedelic vibes and colors

Therefore, the choice has naturally fallen on one of the music scene's most accomplished art artists who come all the way from Lithuania.

♆ 4 days of music with big international line up
♆ Hot showers
♆ Clean toilets
♆ Cheap and good food (also vegetarian)
♆ Cheap bar
♆ Yoga
♆ Chill floor with only ambient music
♆ Big D&B sound
♆ Mapping at stage
♆ Lasers
♆ Chai & cake
♆ Coffee & The bar
♆ Beautiful decoration at shiva stage (Temple Creations)

♆ TICKETS incl. camping all days ♆

Early bird >> 500 DKK plus tax
Pre-tickets >> 650 DKK plus tax

Door price >> 750 DKK plus tax

* ALL tickets are included camping all days !
* NO autocamper & caravans allowed

Follow ticket link >>


Thursday – Friday = 350 DKK
Friday – Saturday = 450 DKK
Saturday – Sunday = 450 DKK
Sunday - camp close monday 12.00 = 200 DKK

* Kan kun købes i entreen på festivalen !
* Only at the gates !

* Plus fee 30 DKK

Respect the natur <3
HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
Open: 2019-06-27
End: 2019-06-30

4595 interested
923 attending