Solstice 4

An open-air psychedelic trance music and arts festival.

June 21-23 2019
Deerfields/Asheville, NC


Animalien, MX
(Purple Hexagon Records / Believe Lab)
The Animalien is a genetic altering sound crafted experiment which was first introduced to humans in this reality back in 2012 when some unknown species from another dimension found a brick through the digital realms and incubated human consciousness and the third dimension with this digital organism.

Stack Rack, UK
Stack Rack, a.k.a. Pedro Ferreira, has been involved in the Psychedelic Trance scene since the year 2005. His first experience with psychedelic music was Hallucinogen's "Twisted" and it opened up a need to get involved and find out more about the community around the music.

He started off by attending some of the most iconic woodlands parties that Kent had to offer; Liquid Connective, Little Green Planet and Omniscience were thriving and offering parties for thousands of revellers! After a quick 6 months of intense DJ training with Ben Amos, Stack Rack was born as a solo DJ artist turning dance floors into trance floors from the moment he stepped behind the decks! After 2 seasons of attending woods parties and playing for crews such as Alternate Perception, Organised Kaos, Sect 63 and a particularly mind bending experience at the half crescent site, Pedro decided he wanted to find out how the music was made, why it affected people as it did and how to recreate that sound for his own experiments.

It all culminated in him unleashing his first studio effort at Technophobia, one of the best trance nights that The Fridge had ever seen, alongside Ambivalent Records and LPS Records’ Scorb, RAM and NRS and local legends such as Benson, L-Bahn, Matter of Phat and Damn Right. From there he started attending all the London squat parties, playing alongside artists like Tron, Laughing Buddha, Liquid Ross, Ace Ventura, Astrix, Vertex, Lotus, Psymetrix, Ipcress, Ajja, Hypnoise and many, many others.

He released his debut album "Planetary Collisions" in 2009 to great acclaim from the psychedelic community. The album was a success, praised for its variety and depth in tone. Since then he has played at many big events all over the UK, including Tribe of Frog, Uncommon Cloud, Acid Monkey, Super Sonic Shindig and organised events in Kent for the local psytrance community.

Over the last few years he has retreated into his studio, making music and perfecting his sound as well as collaborating with other artists such as Antispin, Sebliminal, Etnamara, Continuem and most recently Illian. You can now hear his new music on the SoundCloud page. Head on over for some brand new previews!

Karmakanik, PA
Substratum, PSI

In a DJ career spanning 15 years, 100s of events across the country, and performances alongside international recording artists from 6 different continents, Karmakanik continues to rock dancefloors far and wide with his signature blend of auditory stimulation. From massive festivals to intimate after parties… sweaty warehouses to pristine forests… the primeval Pine Barrens of New Jersey to the scorched desert of Black Rock City Nevada… no matter the setting, the venue, or the time of day, a set from Karmakanik is always mesmerizing, eclectic, and unforgettable.

Together with frequent collaborators Infinite Sun and Hypnotoad, Karmakanik founded PSI, who since 2002 have thrown many of the most legendary and beloved underground parties on the east coast. In 2006, after 6 years spent collecting music and honing his skills in NYC, Karmakanik returned to his hometown of Philadelphia and became a resident DJ for the renowned Gaian Mind productions. More recently, Karmakanik has teamed up with the Substratum collective to bring cutting edge psychedelic music and events to the City of Brotherly Love.

Equally at ease playing full-on bangers, hypnotic progressive, and groovy tech house, Karmakanik constantly expands musical boundaries and incorporates new sounds into his sets. With his unmatched versatility, effortless mixing technique, and energetic track selection, Karmakanik remains a favorite among dancefloor denizens and DJs alike. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, psychedelicious and immensely satisfying. The Sound of the Philly Underground!
Redscare, TX
Deepdharma, Eldritch Crew

Redscare came up in Texas, the Netherlands, and northern California in the 80s and 90s. He is a psychedelic trance curator and a facilitator of ecstatic dance experience. An English professor and translator as well as a psy devotee, the earnestness of his passion for the continued propagation and development of psychedelic trance music and culture is evident wherever he plays. Associated with a number of trance crews in the United States to varying degrees, he is a founding member of Deepdharma Technologies, a psytrance collective based in Iowa City, Iowa, and is a crew DJ for Eldritch Crew. With respect to musical styles, he tends to inhabit territory between Goa trance, forest, and experimental psy, but considers the harder, more textured edge of newschool Goa to be his 'home' sound. Mixing different subgenres of psychedelic trance together following an inner will, a spark of curiosity, that yearns to hear them together, he feels best understood as an eclectic, commingling old and new Goa's more complex and intense terrain with newer developments in forest and darkpsy. He is very grateful this weekend for the opportunity to lead you in the sacred dance of creation, destruction, and eternal flux, a dance in which moments of great personal empowerment and beauty find us somehow mysteriously embodying the very forces that govern the vast cosmos all around us.

Additional performers-
The Fuzz
Kyojin Kanjo
Herbivore x Urdarbrunnur
Gen ov Eve
Baba Bubo


Visual atmosphere by:


Geo Shiftworks


and more!

Food and Merchandise vending
Bring everything you need to survive for 3 days in the wilderness
In/Outs are reserved for emergencies – Bring your own water
Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles
No dogs or renegade sound systems

Gates open Friday at noon
Ages 18 and up – 101 Watagnee Tr., Horse Shoe, NC 28742

Children 13 and under are permitted free entry as long as they are with a parent. Children 14-17 do need to purchase a ticket, and will be admitted ONLY with a parent.

Also a reminder that there is a $10 per car Deerfields parking fee, that will need to be paid to Deerfields at the gate. And ins/outs are reserved for emergency only, so please bring all that you need for the whole weekend to avoid having to leave and come back in.

United States
101 Watagnee Trl, Horse Shoe, NC 28742-9786, United States
Open: 2019-06-21
End: 2019-06-23

1190 interested
468 attending

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