Sonica Festival 2018 - Ed. "Lis Aganis"

The theme of next edition 2018 will be "Lis Aganis". This is the ancient name of some water fairies of rivers, lakes and torrents in the local traditions. The typical name comes from Latin language and means exactly "the water(s)" or "the aquatics". These fairies look like mythological nymphs and they became a local icon in Valtramontina (the name of Sonica Festival mountain location). They are often described as young and beautiful female figures, other times like half-human half-reptile or half-fish, and often dressed with white color materials, so representing both the good and the evil according to the cases.
Come to discover the Sonica's magical venue and meet "Lis Aganis" around the shores of the Meduno river with its crystal clear mountain water.
A new unforgettable and magical experience is just about to restart! :)
Sonica Dance Festival - Tramonti di Sotto (PN)
Open: 2018-07-18
End: 2018-07-22

4072 interested
1035 attending
4072 maybe

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