Sunrise Celebration 2017

Sunrise Celebration is a festival that offers a plethora of musical styles, inspirational talks, educational workshops, performance art and both spontaneous moments and purposefully provided opportunities to help with spiritual exploration and growth.

With 100% renewable energy running the event, an aim to recycle 95% of waste and a commitment to cover the festivals carbon footprint by both planting trees and donating to a chosen charity to plant more on our behalf should we run out of room, Sunrise is one of the cleanest festivals around (although you might get a bit of glitter on your face).

Sunrise brings with it warming rays, a beautiful new light by which to see the world and a continued ethos of sustainability, organic living and a family friendly environment.

Join us frolicking in fields, dancing with butterflies and learning skills that will forge the way to leading a planet friendly life style.
United Kingdom
Secret location 1 hour from Bristol
Open: 2017-08-18
End: 2017-08-21

470 interested
231 attending
470 maybe

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