Suti Festival 2019

Suti is an intimate, forward-thinking gathering focused on nurturing artistic self-expression.

At its best, festival culture provides a vehicle for healing. We co-create safe spaces in which we can open ourselves and form meaningful connection with others. We find inspiration and knowledge useful for pursuing life-paths that feel more authentic to us and more connected to who we really are. We catch glimpses of what human culture could become as we reclaim our collective heart.

We unify in bubbles of positive energy and heal rifts, both inner and outer, through the age old vehicle of celebration. We sense a lineage back to our most distant ancestors, kicking up dust in the moonlight, celebrating their humanity and place within the cosmos.

In 2019 we hope you will join us for our second edition - once again digging deep into diverse and imaginative psychedelia including techno, psy-bass, dark prog and chillout.

Lineup (so far):
Electrypnose (CH) - zenon and chill sets
Land Switcher (FR)
Breger (DE)
Airi (CH) - zenon and bass sets
Kliment (BU)
Master Minded (IS)
Bumble (AU)
Quanta (UK)
Akasha (UK)
Sumiruna (AU) - zenon and bass sets
Xompax (MX)
Manu Ferrantini (FR)
Sergio Walgood (PT)
Balance (PT)
Medular (MX)
Sigil (UK)
Code Therapy (PT)
Luis M (PT)
Lumen (AU)
Axon (AU)
Yechidah (PT)
Floating Machine (PT) - techno and chillout sets
Crennwiick (PT)
Extra Mind (DE, FR)
Tummy Talk (UK)
Dreamfaerie (US)
Sutekh (UK)
Ganeisha (PT) - techno set
Grobi (DE)
Actarus in Tech (FR)
Allix (BR)
Plurgrim (PT)
Unmatter (PT)
Iain Dub (UK)
Cajarana (PT)
Flow (SP)
Guy Zappa (IS)
Addsimeon (UK)
Clandestina (IT)
Fabio UFO (PT)
Liquid Shape (PT)
Iva Tachyon (PT)
Andrei (PT)
Trala Lama (NL)
Cosmic Dust (FR)
Purple 9 (UK)
Canopus (UK)
Schnoo (UK)
Dances With Moves (BE)
Timo (DE)
Monsieur de Brion (PT)
Jaguari (PT)
Elmo in the Dark (BE)
Akira Arasawa (JP)
Loki Galactic (UK)
Pandallanis (PT)
Yuxibu (PT)
Metacognition (UK)
Asia (PL)

Suteam deco
Somethingroovy - SomethinGroovy
Geomatrix Design - GeoMatrix Design

Crystal clear sound by Chaka Sound - Chaka Sound

Two stages of music and workshops
Large kids/family area
Massage/healing area
Free camping (mostly shaded)
River swimming
Shaded dancefloors

Volunteers -
Workshops -
Marketplace -
Restaurants -

Applications for art installations/performances will be open very soon.

We will not be accepting any more applications for musical performance or DJs for Suti 2019 but thank you to everyone who applied.

Phase 2 - 55 euros (limited to 300 tickets or 31 May)
Phase 3 - 70 euros (until 20 Aug)
At the gate / 85 euros (if capacity still available)

Tickets can be purchased online at

or in Portugal via you local ambassadors:

Guarda / Covilhã:
Isabel Nunes - [email protected]

André Vidal - [email protected]

Bruno Silva - [email protected]

César Coelho - [email protected]

Ivã Crispim - [email protected]

Manuel Batista - [email protected]

Raquel Espanhol - [email protected]

Yano Santos - [email protected]
Praia Fluvial O Moinho
Open: 2019-08-29
End: 2019-09-02

2864 interested
487 attending

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