The FiveSuns_Gathering 2019

We first met with you people on September 2018, organising "Five Suns Gathering". This festival is a miniature of such a society as we can imagine it in an ideal model for us and many people like us. It concerns people who embrace the idea for a society model much different from the west lifestyle, an everyday life directly connected with values as nature, the human beings, art and freedom of expression. We need for our world to be a better place for life and that's the reason we connected our minds and dreams and we came up with "Five Suns Gathering". With this action we make an attempt to give you a basic "rulebook" for a new life. The man in our modern civilization is traumatized and must be healed. The only way our goal can be achieved requires the person to realise the existence of the paranoia and the extra competitive way of living in this world and rise above them. Only if the man harmonise himself with Mother Nature and express his existence with love and respect using the magic of dancing and music will find his inner balance and feel in his body and soul the gift of LIFE. We believe these actions can be the medicine for the contemporary social pathology and that's the reason we all unified and stand for the same values. We encourage you return to your real nature and join us in a gathering that will be permanently written in our hearts.

With love, respect and appreciation
Sacred Roots Family

- Phase 1
(only for one month) : 40€ (50 tickets) Sold out
1/December • 31/December

- Phase 2
: 60€ (100 tickets)
1/January • 31/May

- Phase 3
70€ (150 tickets)
1/June • 31/August

At the gate: 80€

Online tickets:


Alex (+306970498412)

Yiannis (+306976733034)

Limited number of tickets:(400)

Line up:

Live acts

- ataro
(Damaru Records)

- Atomas
(Sonic Loom)

- Atrus
(Dream Crew Records - Underground Experience)

- Blaum'arak

- Dark Elf
(Sonic Loom - Ovni Records)

- Digital Abstract
(Insomnia Records - Urban Antidote Records)

(Parvati Records)

- Daoine Sidhe / Dendrobates
(Sonic Loom)

- Electric Sludge
(Underground Experience)

- ElwOod Psy-Music
(Gloom Music - Discovalley Records)

- Fear Disorder
(Underground Experience - Quadrivium Records)

- Goch
(Vantara Vichitra Records)

- Living Frequencies
(Harmonia Records)

- Mark Day
(Blue Hour Sounds)

- Meto Seeds
(Digital Shiva Power - Sonic Chakras Records - Pralayah Records)

- Mind Oscillation
(Βanyan Records - Deviant Force Records - Discovalley Records - Patgap Records)

- Necroillusion
(Darknox Records)

- Oroboro
(Anomalistic Records)

- Noein
(Darknox Records - Catar Records)

- Umija
(OVNI Records)

- OpeNmiNd psy-music
(Gloom Music - Shunyata Records)

- Ritual

- SiShiVa /
(Lycantrop Records) /

- Sound Curious
(Horrordelic Records)

- Spagettibrain
(Discovalley Records - Banyan Records)

- Vermo Truo
(Underground Expirience - Banyan Records -
Medulla Oblongata Music)

- Zoomorfos
(Forest Spirit Records - Underground Experience)

Dj sets:

- Anasko
(Magical Dream)

- Aztec
(The Sacred Roots Family - Underground Experience)

- Bar Darkpsy
(Underground Experience)

- Cannibal Mind
(Underground Experience)

- Dj ChoZen Jo
(Milega Records - Temple Twister Records)

- Headweller
(Padang Records)

- ila Nova
(The Sacredroots Family)

- Kassandra
(Horrordelic Records - Anomalistic Records)

- Kiramika
(Temple Twister Records)

- Liqcronium
(Underground Experinence - The Sacred Roots Family )

- Maniac
(CLH Records)

- Manvantra
(Pralayah Records - Digital Shiva Powe

(Parvati Records)

- Dj NagaKavu
(Mighty Vibrations Records)

- Nagual
(Medulla Oblogata Records - Banyan Records)

- Onaro
(Woo-Dog Recordings - Underground Experience)

- Parmesan
(Underground Experience)

- Sotokkan (GR)
(Free earth festival)

- Tangie
(Earthdrop Crew - Underground Experinence)

- Terpandrus
(Blalck Mamba)

- Vlastur
(Parvati Records)

- Uma Alma

- Djane Wiccas Fractal Forest Family
(Mighty Vibrations Records - Fractal Forest Family)

- Yiannis Kats
(Underground Experience - The Sacred Roots Family)

- Z.Experiment
(Dark Psysin)


• Full bar
• Food
• Chai shop

• Free camping and van AREA
• Friendly environment
• Suitable for kids

• Decoration By: The Sacred Roots Family
• Mapping Visuals By: Sotols_Art

Applicatios open for:
• Shopping Stands (Art & Crafts, ...)

• Service Providers • All other requests
➡️ ✉ [email protected]
Open: 2019-09-05
End: 2019-09-08

2407 interested
601 attending