Transition Festival 2018

TRANSITION FESTIVAL is a full moon open air trance shamanic experience in a magical location. It is an initiation into the dance experience and a new door into another dimension with a constructive intuitive intention: to expand human consciousness and the relation between the soul, the body, and its center of power. Transition comes from latin <transitio> ("tránsito"): change of position, estate, or concept to another.

in alphabetical order...

AWWEN (Gloom Music, Spain)
BACK TO MARS (Occulta, Brazil)
BATTOUSAI (Magnitud, Portugal)
DAKSINAMURTI (Sangoma, Germany)
FAGIN´S REJECT (Wildthings, Uk)
FOG (Looney Moon, Italy)
FLUOELF (Occulta, Spain)
GIUSEPPE (Parvati, Italy)
HYBRID REALITY (Uroboros, France)
HYPATIA (Own Spirit, Spain)
LAST CALL (Global Army, Portugal)
LEOPARDTRON (Gloom Music, Spain)
MALICE IN WONDERLAND (Blue Hour Sound, Austria)
MEDRHA (Magnitud, France)
NAIMA (Sangoma, Austria)
OUTCAST (Magnitud, Portugal)
OUT WORLD (Digital Psionic, Portugal)
PARASENSE (Bom Shanka, Russia)
PATARA (Parasomnia Music, Germany)
RASTALIENS (Glowing Flames, Germany)
SADHU (Etnicanet, Portugal)
SOARON (Magnitud, Portugal)
SOUTHWILD (Wildthings, Canada)
SPIRITUZ (Hypnotica, Sweeden)
SPOOKY HERTZ (Grimm, Brazil)
TAT (Maharetta Records, Italy)
THE MOK (Trykomadelic)
ZARTROX (Uroboros, Brazil)
ZORFLUX (Phantasm, Portugal)
... and more!

Main Floor
Alternative Area
Chill Out
WOW Deco
Parking & Camping (all in one)
Market Area
Workshop Area
Organic showers
Ecologic Toilets
Vegetarian Food
Andalusian Food
Pizza & Pasta
Resting Areas

Website and Presale in

Early Bird Tickets: 50 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase I: 60 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase II: 65 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase III: 70 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase IV: 75 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase V: 80 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase VI: 85 € (SOLD OUT)
Phase VII: 90 € (before 16.04.18)
GATE: 120 €

Presale ends 16.04.18, remember there will be only 300 tickets at the gates. Weekend ticket is available from Saturday morning at 60 €. Transition Festival is a family party and there are 1000 tickets available in total. Thank you.
Transition Festival
Open: 2018-04-25
End: ?

4368 interested
910 attending
4368 maybe

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