Tree of Life Festival 2017

Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal” - 5 Year Anniversary .
23-27 June 2017 - Asprovalta Beach ,Greece.

Leave everything behind and Enter the Portal !

ஜ♬ ஜ♬ ஜ♬ ஜ♬ ஜ♬ஜ♬ ஜ ♬ ஜ ♬ஜ ♬ஜ ♬ஜ ♬ஜ

New location, New beginnings and with the same unique vision that formed so many unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships.
Tree of Life Festival is the perfect mix of people, music, arts and lifestyle.
All balanced together in blissful harmony .

Ready to enter?

Many of you will probably remember this venue from the Aurora Festival �back in 2009/2010.
We expirenced it in realtime during that festival and it was Perfect!
Asprovaltas Camping is the largest and most facilitated Camping site in Northern Greece.
It is located one hour drive from Thessaloniki international Airport.
�1.5 Km Beach line and beautiful psychedelic Banyan trees which are a rare and delicius combination.�
Camping site is in a huge forest with 160 toilets ,hot showers, drinking tap watter spreaded around,Supermarket, and Wifi.
�In Short-A huge upgrade from what we had so far in Turkey.

Asprovalta camping is truly beautiful and perfect for the Tree of Life 5th Anniversary.

Location Album and Arrival info here:

As usual you are welcome to come setup a day before.
Gates open:
22.6 from 10:00Am
Gates Closed:
28.6 17:00Pm Latest
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


♬3 Stages - ✯Arts - ☯Workshops - ஜHealing - ►Children Area

Music will run on 3 different stages:
Stage Times:

♬ Sun Stage (Day stage) 09:00 Am -00:00 Am
✯ Moon Stage (Night stage) 23:00 Am -09:00 Am
☯ Liquid Stage (Beach Stage) 10:00 Am -10:00 Pm
(At nights this stage will turn to a beach Cinema)

Full festival details are being announced Weekly@ !

Artists confirmed so far on Sun stage:
(Alphabetical Taste!)

►Astral Projection
►Boom Shankar
►Cosmic Tone
►Cosmic Flow
►Electric Universe
►Orin Aya
►Organic Soup
►Spirit Architect
►Sonic Elysium
►Somatic Cell
►Loopus in Fabula
►Mr. What?
►Matt Mushroom
►Mi Ya Ra
►Sebastian Kos
►X.P. Voodoo

►Many more Artists from all 3 stages Including the full Greek Arsenal Support will be announced ASAP!

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✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
ஜ Sacred fire will burn throughout the festival Duration.
(and long after in your heart)
Perfect gathering place to meet new friends, play live instruments and practice your fire dance skills.
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

for any sort of application (Music/stalls/stage arts/Workshops etc)
please check the link below and choose your preferred application.

Festival applications are now open:

♬ Music - (Ended Now)
► Arts -
✯ Lifestyle -
☯ Location -
ஜ About -

Please submit your applications no later then March 2017!


75€ Second Phase (limited to 500) Ended 15.12.
95€ Third Phase
110€Final Phase

130€ - Gate price

Full details and ticket outlets @

For guests who wants to come only for the weekend- we offer a few options:

24 Hour Tickets: 60€ - From Friday 23/6 till Saturday 24/6
48 Hour Tickets: 85€ - From Friday 23/6 till Sunday 25/6

weekend tickets will not be available on pre sale,only during festival at the gate.

Full details @

►Tent Rental- Will be avilable online early 2017.
►Shuttles info: Will be avilable online early 2017.

Guest Country: TURKEY:
Please submit your details here:

Note Again:
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Stay Tuned for further info and Happiness... :-)

N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E.•°
Tree of Life Festival
Open: 2017-06-23
End: 2017-06-27

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6412 attending
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18360 invited

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