Tribal Gathering 2017

Dates 24 February - 13 March 2017
Place: Playa Chiquita, Panama.

Once a year 40 tribes from 20 countries come together to share their knowledge with the global psychedelic community.

Tribal Gathering is so much more than a music festival. It's 18 day's on a Caribbean beach, around 200 workshops hundreds of musicians from around the world, a learning journey from the ancient to the modern and a charity with all profits going to the attending tribes.


Alex Paterson (UK)
Cubixx (DE)
E-Clip (MC)
Fearsome Engine (UK)
Future Frequency (UK)
James Monro (UK)
Klopfgeister (DE)
Laughing Buddha (UK)
Mr What (IS)
Nanoplex (UK)
Ritmo (IS)
Sonic Species (UK)

Alex Tolstey (ES)
Alexander (USA)
Ambush (DK)
Aum Lab (USA)
Copywright Criminal (UK)
Decipher Deception (CA)
Dj Digoa (BR)
Ekoplex (CA)
Gaspard (CH)
Gino (IT)
Golanski (IT)
Ipcress (UK)
John TPS (AUT)
DJ Josko (IT)
Khromatta (TH)
Liquid Ross (UK)
Luis Campos (BR)
Madhatter (USA)
Marta DLM (BR)
Michal Scheffler (PL)
Mindbenderz (DE)
Oood (dj set) (UK)
Poli (USA)
Protocell (CA)
Reefer Decree (DK)
Riches (NL)
Rikam (CA)
Robert Leoni (IT)
Thick as Thieves (USA)
Tiefenrausch (AT)
Vicky Merlino (IT)
Zen (NL)


Mad Professor (UK)
Orb Soundsystem (UK)
Mixmaster Morris (UK)
Dr Alex Paterson (UK)
Entheogenic (UK)
Slamboree Soundsystem (UK)
Ghetto Kumbé (CO)
Kombilesa Mi (CO)
Los Macuanos (MX)
MI5 (UK)
Matanza (MX)
Mitú (CO)
DJ Brace (CA)
DJ Vekked (CA)

Akasha Vibes (FR)
Ambidecktriks (USA)
Avery Runner (USA)
Bayawaka (IS)
Bazza (UK)
Bloke Zero (UK)
Boogiemeister (USA)
Bwoy De Bhajan (DK)
Colin Bennun (UK)
Congos & Diablitos (PA)
Cozier (DO)
Dallas & Tracy (CA)
Dan Covan (USA)
Dartzero75 (PA)
Dj Zhao (CN/DE)
DMTree (UK)
Donpicante (PA)
Duesentrieb & Porter (AT)
Es Fiebre (PA)
Etheric Replica (PA)
Fear Of Missing Out (UK)
Fractal Seeds (PA)
Gourmet (PA)
Impulse Response (PA)
James Thrower (USA)
John TPS (AT)
Josko (IT)
Kalpataru Tree (USA)
Kamarita (PA)
Key G (ES)
Khromata (USA)
Koguis (CO)
Kuntanawa (BR)
Lemon Tree (UK)
Lua Meiga (ES)
Mara LeFey (UK)
Markus Innerfield (UK)
Mike Freear (UK)
Movimiento Artístico Jade (GT)
Musica Charrua (UY)úa_people
Muyomba Soul (PA)
Nightsoul (DE)
Okapi (IT)
Ozzidelic (PA)
Pablito (PA)
Paul Ashford (UK)
Paul Kwitek (CA)
Proyecto Jirondai (CR)
Rasdub (PA)
Rea (HR)
Reefer Decree (DK)
Shamanu (DE)
Solomoon (USA)
Son del Caribe (PA)
Stratosphere (USA)
Su Mashakti (CA)
Su_n_ray (CA)
Swims Tea (CH)
The Garifuna Collective (BI)
The Guna Chicha Ceremony (PA)
Theta Flow (CA)
Tim Angave (DE)
Tinvalero (PA)
Tommy Nutter (UK)
Tor.Ma In Dub (MX)
Ungunga (CA)
Zen Baboon (PT)
Zen Racoon (PT)

Ache (PY)
Ashaninca (PE)
Awa (CO)
Arhuaco (CO)
Aymará (BO)
Boruca (CR)
Bri Bri (CR)
Bugle (PA)
Bukidnon-Tagolwanen (PH)
Bwiti (GA)
Cabecar (CR)
Charrúa (UY)
Choctaw (US)
Chorotega (NI)
Cofan (CO)
Cree (CA)
Embera (PA)
Garifuna (BZ)
Gumbainga (AU)
Guna (PA)
Huitoto (CO)
Ifugao (PH)
Kamaiurá (BR)
Kaminčá (CO)
Kamentza (CO)
K’iché Maya (GT)
Kichwa (EC)
Kipohtakaw (CA)
Kogi (CO)
Kuntanawa (BR)
Maleku (CR)
Maniwaki (CA)
Mapuche (CL)
Mazateca (MX)
Miskitos (HN)
Nahuat (SV)
Naso (PA)
Nenets (RS)
Ngäbe (PA/CR)
Nivacle (PY)
Nganyaywana (AU)
Potawatomi (US)
Shipibo-Conibo (PE)
Shuar (EC)
Sioux (US)
Tawahkas (HN)
Terena (BR)
Térraba (CR)
Thungutti (AU)
Tubu (CO)
Tuscarora (US)
Tz'utujil Maya (GT)
Uspantek Maya (GT)
Wai'tukubuli (DM)
Wixarika (MX)
Wiradjuri (AU)
Wiwa (CO)
Wounaan (PA)
Playa Chiquita, Panama
Open: 2017-02-24
End: 2017-02-24

4206 interested
1858 attending
4206 maybe

2018-02-23 // Tribal Gathering 2018