Universal Gatherings - ToGETHER We Are ONE

Psytrance, Love, Dancing, Energy, Art, Music, Healing, Vibes, Spirituality, Nature, Sustainability, Culture, Transformation, Science
All these bring us together for A HIGHER PURPOSE !!!

From the creators of Past 2 Beautiful Gatherings (Science, Spirituality & Psytrance & Acceptance of Light Gathering) We come to bring you the most special festival as of yet . Coming extremely inspired from BOOM Festival and our local festivals this one will be truly special !

As we all come from different places, all have different stories , come from different tribes but we are really all just ONE big Energy !!! Only TOGETHER We Are Really ONE !!!

In the most Beautiful of Settings, on top of the Highest Mountains with the most beautiful views & Sunrises & Sunsets We have the most amazing Location for a Psytrance Festival. It will be at the same location as last year and if you were not there, you defintely need to experience it. We will be there for 3 Days in the beatiful nature, dancing under the Sun & The Moon & transforming our Lives !!!

This year we are bringing International & Local Artists, A Chill-Out Tent, Childrens Area, Lots more Vendors & Lots more to the Gathering.


*******Avalon*******(Nano Records/UK)


*****Green Tunes***** (Israel)

*****Madhatter****** (NYC/USA)


*****Psycolard****(Canada) Live !


****Between Devices*****(Brazil)


*****Dream Cruiser*******(Japan)


*******EDIDUS******(W D.C. /USA)


********Luis Campos******(Brazil/USA)



**********OM Olak******(CT/USA)




***********Psyrah Jane*******(UK)

and more to come !!!!!!

We will have Clean Bathrooms & Showers for your convenience. Camping will mostly be in shade but please bring all your Camping & Outdoor Items you need to Camp for 3 days. Parking is very close to the camping so you wont need to schlep all your stuff very far.

We all know A Psytrance Festival is not just about the Party. We like to Bring Spirituality , Healing, Art , Yoga, Massages & more.

We are very happy to announce that Kimaya will be running a Children’s Area with lots of activities. We are very happy to Have children at our festival and that everyone Respects that. If your Child will be on the Dancefloor please bring Earplugs or Headphones for them.

We will also Have Yoga Classes run By Noelle that will help us Stretch & Balance and keep our bodies Healthy & Flexible & Energized to Dance the whole day.

We will have a Reiki Healer & Energy healer as well. We will also have A Massage Therapist to Unwind & Relax.

We will have a Chillout Area With Tea being Served and a Safe Place to go & Relax when Needed.

We will have A Permaculture Lecture & Various Types of Meditation Sessions !

3 hours from New York City
3 hours from Boston, MA
1.5 hours from Albany, NY
3.5 hours from Philadelphia, PA
4 hours from Montreal
4.5 hours from Toronto
1.5 hours from Syracuse, NY

No Illegal Substances Allowed
Only Good Vibes

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United States
216 Crow Hill Rd, Laurens, NY 13796-2105, United States
Open: 2017-06-16
End: 2017-06-18

883 interested
507 attending
883 maybe