Universal Gatherings - ToGETHER We Are ONE

Psytrance, Love, Dancing, Energy, Art, Music, Healing, Vibes, Spirituality, Nature, Sustainability, Culture, Transformation, Science
All these bring us together for A HIGHER PURPOSE !!!

From the creators of Past 2 Beautiful Gatherings (Science, Spirituality & Psytrance & Acceptance of Light Gathering) We come to bring you the most special festival as of yet . Coming extremely inspired from BOOM Festival and our local festivals this one will be truly special !

As we all come from different places, all have different stories , come from different tribes but we are really all just ONE big Energy !!! Only TOGETHER We Are Really ONE !!!

More Info will be released in the next few months....Stay Tuned & Long Live Freedom & Psytrance !

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United States
Upstate New York
Open: 2017-06-16
End: 2017-06-18

38 interested
53 attending
38 maybe

2018-08-03 // Star Camp Shasta 2018

2018-08-17 // Native Noise Festival 2018

2018-09-14 // Geologic 2018