Vortex Open Source 7

You feel yourself buoyed by the melodic meanderings of a million birds swimming together in song. The intense presence of the moment seems to condense slowing time down to a delightful trickle. Celestial cymbals strike shattering in a sonic shower of resplendent harmony. You find yourself in a state of rapt absorption. You begin to feel a marvelously liberating affinity with everything around you. Even the most ordinary of things is charged with a miraculous inter-dependant energy in this infinitely vast field of relational flux. Object and subject merge in one effortless act of ecstatic knowledge as life reveals itself to you.
South Africa
Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend
Open: 2017-12-06
End: 2017-12-11

1203 interested
678 attending
1203 maybe
2526 invited

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2017-06-10 // Moonstomp 2017

2017-11-09 // ONE Festival 2017