Vortex Phoenix Festival of Fire

“The drums beat loudly in our hearts even through the noise
of the world, & every time your feet touch our Mother Earth a consciousness connection begins with of those who dance
with you”
The power of Gatherings: Taking our scattered thoughts and senses and coalescing us back into our core. As one we inspire
to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word,
more alive.

Once again we gather to celebrate the Winter Solstice celebrated in all cultures for thousands of years. This is a celebration of victory of light over dark, the ending of an old cycle & embracing a new cycle of light, growth and life – like the Phoenix. The Festival of Fire, where the energy on the dance floor is the fuel that you need to light the fire in you & awaken to a new connected existence.

The Ancient Greeks believed, man was forged from Earth & Fire by Prometheus. Growing fond of man & living among us, he wanted to make man wiser & stronger, so he stole something from Zeus to give to man forever: The gift of Fire. Providing illumination throughout the ages, reminding us of our passions, energy, creativity & intention. Fire is the symbol of Rebirth, Regeneration & Growth.

Join us at Phoenix Festival of Fire as we celebrate this magical element & all that it represents.
South Africa
Where the Phoenix Rises from the Ashes
Open: 2018-06-22
End: 2018-06-24

373 interested
22 attending
373 maybe

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