Welcome to Pangea 11

.::Welcome to Pangea pt. 11::.

Pangea Productions and Pure Perception Records would like to invite you to join us deep in the Appalachian Mountains for our 11th annual music and arts festival edition.

The sound throughout the week-end has been carefully selected to include a full range of top notch vibrations including Psy-Trance, Techno, Progressive, House, Downtempo, DnB, Ambient and more.

Combined with a unique visual experience and a breathtaking natural setting, we will create a New World of Depth, Color, and Imagination in a newfound Paradise.

Join us in this celebration of Life, Nature and the Cosmos!
To purchase tickets and for full line-up and info, visit our website:


Interested in vending, giving a lecture/workshop, or doing live art?
Please send us a private message to Pangea Productions facebook page or email: [email protected]

765 Stony Fork Rd
​Ferguson, NC 28624

Come Prepared for a 3 day music and camping experience in the woods!


..::Line up::..

Smoke Sign(Portland, OR)
- Zenon Records -

He is the main project of 31 year old Portland Oregon based producer Krysalis Moon, with an eclectic yet specific sound, pulling from both the ancient & modern worlds to weave audible magic.

Smoke Sign fuses many genres and media sources, combining Psytrance with elements of techno, downtempo, world music & captivating vocals into his signature story telling style. He is sure to take us put us on a deep journey!

Florian MSK (Montreal, Canada)
-Zenon Records -

Without limits, merging elements of techno, minimal, hypnotic and psychedelic. A massive hybrid genre projecting darkness only measurable on richter scale magnitude. Pounding the dance floor swiftly and mercilessly. Bombing it with frenzy rhythmics.
Aggressive and repetitive, almost like mental blitzkrieg. Stuff that grabs you from the guts without noise or sanguine saturation and always without boundaries.

Artemis/(Boston, MA)
-Fractaltribe/Radial Engine Tribe -

Artemis of the Wildland is often found stalking through digital forests, hunting down captivating tunes with arrow like precision. As a fawn, Artemis was trained in classical violin and voice, giving her a diverse palate for more modern musical styles. Her journey through the forests of life has given her the chance to work on stage fabrication and decorations, music, vending freshly squeezed juices, and more.

Through these special projects and her other gigs, Artemis has been able to transcend cultures and reach people from all walks of life. “I feel renewed and awakened in a way that I had previously never thought possible. This music is magic; teaching the body to move, the mind to listen, and the soul to let go.

Blue Spectral Monkey/(Boston, MA)
-TOUCH Samadhi-

Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music, I’ve been collecting and spinning constantly since 1996. My techno and trance sets are fun and wild, pounding, funky and mysterious, a futuristic symbiosis of tribal intensity and technological meltdown. Expect stretchy superhero stomping through uncharted tunnels in cartoony, cavernous underground realms of sound.

Krikett/(St. Petersburg, FL)
-ZFG / Psynesthesia-

Krikett is a trans-dimensional spacebug known throughout the US for a beyond expectational deliverance of tasty sonical treats and shiney things. With the formula of stimulating track selection, seamless mixes, and profound live presence; she has traveled a multitude of coordinates and thousands of miles/kilometers for events of every variety. Frequencies range from all styles psychedelic; mainly psytrance, but also breaks, drum and bass, and techno; while keeping a consistent vibe of all things juicy, weird, fun, and groovy. Krikett’s motive is to always make you move and level up to the next dimensions; she is guaranteed to graciously fill the void and the dancefloor for any occasion in need of a little something extra special

Daniels Jack/(Charlotte, NC)
-Aurora / Social Study-

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dan was always musically inclined, having played the violin and bass guitar before graduating from Technicsdjmixclub with a gold certificate in 2009.

Fast forward several years and Dan has solidified himself as a mainstay in the U.S. underground scene, having the pleasure to be direct support for major players in the industry including Benny Benassi, Shiba San, Porter Robinson, Kill Frenzy, Dillon Francis and Mark Farina, to name a few. Dan has also been making waves on the production front, having received support from heavyweight artists such as Stacey Pullen, Stanny Abram and Ill Phill.

Nat Black/(Charlotte, NC)
-Aurora / Social Study / FYI-

Nat Black’s enthusiasm behind the decks comes from his deep love of electronic music and the influences he has carried throughout his career. Born in the San Francisco Bay area he was exposed to the rebellious music of the Golden Gate scene growing up and took that spirit with him when he began to Dj as a teenager in Florida. Managing UrbandWax records in college, his love for underground music grew as he distilled his sound and perfected his technique with residencies at the legendary Simons in Gainsville and SKY60 Orlando. Always pushing forward for his love of music, Nat earned his degree in Audio Engineering and began producing and working in recording studios in Miami in 2002.

Justin Combs/(Charlotte, NC)
-Aurora / Social Study-

Justin’s sound originates in the realm of deep and downtempo house and electronica, hypnotic melodies and tribalistic and organic rhythms.

Alan Ospina/(Charlotte, NC)
-Aurora / Bassment / Raw Substance-

Alan Ospina is a Techno Producer/DJ coming out of Charlotte, NC. He went to school for Production, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering at Dubspot in NYC he’s discovered a lot of sounds and genres that he loves, but has a heavy passion for the driving techno sound. He has always had a rhythmic and creative talent, and can light up a crowd with his hypnotic sound. Influences are Tuskegee (The Martinez Bros x Seth Troxler), Enzo Siragusa, Martin Buttrich, Loco Dice.

James Wyler/(Charlotte, NC)
-Aurora / Bassment-

James Wyler is a Tech House/Techno DJ & Producer out of Charlotte NC. With upcoming an upcoming release on DataTech records out of Germany, James has always had a passion for house music. With influences such as Josh Butler, Michael Bibi, Reelow, and Bontan, James’ sound can be described as a blend of Classic Chicago house and UK Minimal Tech House. James has a knack for churning rumbling bass lines and indelible riffs into dance floor grooves.

Collective One/(Asheville, NC)
-TOUCH Samadhi-

Long time Asheville staple DJ, CollectiveONE helped grow the nightlife (there) into what it is today. He is a also a founding member of the Asheville Drum and Bass Collective. Deep, minimal, and moody with a cerebral undertone is the theme of his musical expression. In addition to clubs, basements, warehouses, and bars – ultimately he prefers to be outdoors under the stars connecting with others in a natural setting vibrating with the earth. He is a resident DJ at Sunday Sessions, adbc’s weekly, and works alongside Alientechnology, Asheville Full Moon gatherings, Pangea Productions, and TOUCH Samadhi.

Albatross/(Atlanta, GA)
- Slack Industries-

Albatross is a swiftly emerging new DJ in the Atlanta underground techno and house scene, with her tastes ranging from Deep Tech to funky Tech House to hard, banging Techno. Albatross, better known as Elizabeth Morrison, began her journey with music as a child and played violin, guitar, and piano while in her early school years. She began curating and creating music in 2011. Her keen ear for music combined with unique taste and exquisite track selection have earned her a residency at Odyssey After Hours, the chance to open a stage at Imagine Music Festival in 2015, and a residency as the opener for the Deep Technicians for much of 2016.

Words Of Niō/(Ibiza, Spain)
- WOOD / DNC LIMITED / Gravity -

Multi instrumentalist, Producer and DJ Words Of Niō, has a gift for creating a distinctive, elegant, slick sound that is powerful at the same time.

After a good amount of shows in Ibiza Spain in clubs such as Blue Marlin, Veto and his residency at Sankey’s Ibiza, Words Of Niō has kept up the relentless workflow with releases and remixes on labels such as Barcelona’s WOOD and the Italian label DNC Limited.

His music has garnered support from DJ’s all around the globe such as Blancah, UNER, Rauschhaus, Clawz SG, Nick Devon, Paulo Foltz, Shall Ocin among others. 2018 is set to be another defining year for him, whilst developing new material for upcoming releases that will set the tone for what’s yet to come.

Mesa/(Atlanta, GA)
-Reflexion Recordings-


Ramouz/(Atlanta, GA)

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, where his oriental roots originate from and raised in Montreal, Canada, where his diverse taste in electronic music was ignited, Ramouz brings forth a unique blend of music that embodies his musical past. Starting his passion as a trance DJ in 2004, he has evolved through multiple genres and is now mixing beautiful organic, spiritual, deep house journeys.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, you can find him spinning at his MidCity Cafe residency and around town at popular clubs such as The Music Room and SoundTable where he has opened and played alongside artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Pete Tong, Luis Junior, Ran Salman, Clarian, Chris Fortier, Oona Dahl, LUM, Dance Spirit, and many more.

Leo Vaan/(Asheville, NC)
-Forest Frequency-

Leo Vaan, is a psychedelic artist based out of the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Finding Solace in the dark and psychedelic; Leo tends to stick to the psychedlia of techno and psytrance. Leo goes by Skorpium when playing dark psychedelic trance music.

Aphotik/(Atlanta, GA)
-Horrible Children-

Psytrance DJ from a small town in the North Georiga mountains called Dahlonega. My mission is to spread the love of Psytrance as far and wide as possible to those who are truly receptive of this powerful tool for the mind, body, and soul.

Baba Bubo/(Asheville, NC)
-Forest Frequency-

Baba Bubo is the project of George Chavez, based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Baba Bubo began DJing in 2006 under the project name Terrestrial Sound. Originally from the New Jersey/New York area, his first experience with psychedelic music stems from the deep woods of the Pine Barrens, where he instantly became hooked on the vibe and energy of nature. After several years in the scene, he co-created the underground psychedelic tribe of New Jersey, Psybolic Frolic, organizing events with crews all around the east coast. In 2014 he made his way down to Asheville, where he connected with the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi family. Baba Bubo incorporates many natural sounds into his music giving you the feeling that you are one with Mother Earth. He also mixes a variety of psychedelic music but specializes in Forest and Dark Psychedelic Trance.

Dro Hz/(Atlanta, GA)

Between light & dark, look towards the light, and breathe through the soul. Moody, Melodic, Cinematic music, with Downtempo, Trip Hop, Lo Fi, Electronica, & Ambient. At the heart, a drummer of 25 years, with heavy influence of Ambient & Electronica from the late 80’s. Then following early 90’s Hip Hop with Sampling & Looping beats. Psychedelic music, Industrial Soundscapes, to Funk, & heavier Metal & Grunge were part of the rotation as well. This project is dedicated to the chill, encompassing all those previous influences, into all of the elements.

He runs Collision-ATL, the Record Label, and also as a monthly show on Proton Radio. Collision events are based in Atlanta, they range from Downtempo to Techno, and feature some of his favorite artists from around the world. His other project Kohanim, gears towards his darker side with Industrial Techno & Breaks. Mixing things up, keeps the spice, spicier.

Future Species/(Asheville, NC)
-Juicy Noise Records-


Scott Houston/(Atlanta, GA)

Scott Houston is a DJ & Movement Catalyst with a dynamic background as both a musician and a performance artist. His musical tastes bend dark, instrumental harmonies into the light while he provides a richly textured, deep & tribal soundscape experience with origins from across the globe. From Ambient to Deep House to World-Beat and beyond, Scott is the Resident DJ & Vibrational Curandero for FirstMemory and their shamanic healing events. Also as a 6-year practitioner and Teacher-in-Training of the 5Rhythms®, Scott facilitates classes on a weekly basis throughout the Atlanta area.

XB/(Athens, GA)

Although he started his career spinning progressive house and speed garage in the mid-90’s, Todd Dawson aka XB’s focus on trance was fairly solid even before he came across Man With No Name and his Perfecto Fluro remixes of epic trance anthems. Hard, fast, loud, dirty and beautiful; exactly that for which he had been searching in music. So he jumped in with both feet.

Thanks to the support from his friends and family, and surprise cosmic convergence, xb is back. You’ve been warned.

Zoltan Zicho/(Greenville, SC)
-Rethink Techno-

Zoltan discovered the beautiful world of electronic music in Hungary where he was born and raised. At that time the club scene was thriving and he was enthralled by both the culture and music, particularly techno. The magical vibe of those early 2000s techno parties was the reason he decided to start doing music.

The following years have been very exciting for him as the techno scene was going through a revolution. Minimal was becoming techno and that’s where he found his own style. The greatest influence Richie Hawtin and his label Minus as well as Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Ricardo Villalobos had on him. The techno revolution has inspired him to create his unique style, a groovy minimal tech.

Tito Mazzetta/(Atlanta, GA)
-Cardio Atl -

Part of local crews Atlast and Cardio ATL, this Atlanta native has had a deep obsession for rare and obscure sounds for more than a decade. As a selector he dives into the full spectrum of Ambient, Experimental, House, Techno, Disco and everything in between.

His productions reflect on a certain dichotomy between selector and creator. His productions emphasize an emotionally creative process and are less about chasing a specific type of sound. His latest productions of 2018 can be heard on Tzinah and MOFF with quite a few things lined up for the rest of the year including a first vinyl release on Danielle Temperelli’s Girasole Records and an ambient cassette tape release which is in the works.

Ovidiu Adrian/(Romania)
-O-ccult Music-

One thing is for sure when it comes to Ovidiu Adrian's style; the element of surprise. His sets continuously showcase a passion for experimenting with a diverse range of electronic music. It truly doesnt matter what style of electronic music he is playing, Ovidiu Adrian never fails to impress even the most discerning ears.

Born in Arad, Romania and recently based in Miami USA, Ovidiu Adrian has exploded into the scene achieving great success within a short amount of time. He has a constant presence at influential radio stations broadcasting from around the world.

In the field of music production, Ovidiu Adrian received support for his tracks from prestigious names like Richie Hawtin, Butch, London Ground, Chaim, Horatio, Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, Zoe Xenia, Nexus DJ, Gery Otis, Deltano, Macromism and many more.

In 2013, Ovidiu Adrian founded his own record label O-ccult Music which promises to deliver impressive sounds from the European underground scene.

Intrinsic (Asheville NC)
TOUCH Samadhi/Pangea Productions

Dj and producer ‘Intrinsic’ takes listeners on a psychedelic journey, often spanning hours and several genres, while maintaining a controlled energy and mood. Live he has been known to use midi controllers, joysticks, wii remotes, power gloves, smartphones and even kinect cameras to create and manipulate sounds, weaving them into a tightly knit tapestry of crisp waveforms and distinct melodies that are dripping with effects. He strives to provide a solid and consistent sonic structure to dance within, facilitating a blissful moving meditation to relax the mind and tune the senses.

Captain EZ/(Asheville, NC)
- The Artist Kitchen / Unanimous / Full Moon Gathering

Captain EZ has been developing his own unique sound he calls ‘Pimp Smooth’. It’s a distinctive blend of ghetto funk, glitch, glitch-hop, future bass, hip hop, funk, nu-funk, soul, and chillout.

Since 2002 he has been working behind the scenes in the Southeast and has been a driving force promoting underground artists and shows in an above-ground way, steadily uniting tribes and communities as he goes. He loves to set the tone at the beginning of an evening or bring the swagger straight to the dance floor. Whether it’s late night or early morning, Captain EZ will catch the mood of the crowd, grab a hold of you and take you on a smooth and funky journey to Groove Central.

LaMorte & Alusia/(Asheville, NC)
-Vinyl Revisions-



Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC, Krista moved to the Carolina’s in 2007, but it wasn’t until her move down south that she noticed a more engaging electronic music scene. Getting messages across to people in the most beautiful way possible has always been her passion and now she has discovered a different way to display the beauty – through sound – and is ready to share with others the deeper, more soulful side of Drum ‘n’ Bass

Aron/(Asheville, NC)
-Opening Minds-

A’aron of the tribe of Vagrante Bishops doth bring the flowing sounds that moved across the waters. Weaving aural journeys of emotive and complex soundscapes to bring you to novel ecstasis. Glitched ambiance and magick wyrds to activate your neurons. Mydriasis has been dilating the pupils of the inner eye through the medium of the spheres at outdoor gatherings, in reverence with nature, as well as Urban Shamanic expeditions inside the ruins of Modern Society for almost a decade, focusing on sharing unique sounds to expand horizons.

Spice Rapture/(Asheville, NC)
-TOUCH Samadhi-

Spice Rapture is a Psytrance DJ and producer currently residing in Asheville, NC. Drawing upon influences from across the psychedelic spectrum, Spice Rapture predominantly plays full-on psychedelic trance, and also enjoys playing psychill, progressive, and twilight styles. After attending his first psytrance festival, Equinox, in 2008, he was hooked to the energy that is generated on a psytrance dance floor. After switching to playing psytrance from his trance and techno roots, his intention as a DJ became to elevate people’s energy and consciousness through ecstatic dancing, great music, and pure intention, to ultimately communication with our higher selves.

Romman/(Greenville, SC)
-Rethink Techno-

Romman was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. At the age of 7 years old, he began to develop combinations of percussions with drums. He became interested in electronic music since the age of 13, involving himself especially with the sounds of TECHNO, MINIMAL & TECH HOUSE Music. He later learned to mix when he was 15 years old after the transmissions ofElectroemite.fm, the number one electronic music online radio in Colombia. At first as a hobby, then with the passing of the days became life and reason for being in the same talent, quality and style.
Currently a Re:thin Techno artist, collective group of the city of Greenville, SC.


Phluter Phill/(Asheville, NC)

Live Ambient Flute
Eluxir/(Atlanta, GA)

e·lux·ir /iˈluksər/ Noun: 1. A magical or medicinal concoction that ignites an extreme burst of energy 2. A preparation that is able to transform ideas and inspiration into light

Kameleon/(Greenville, SC)
Pangea Productions/Pure Perception Records/Pantea Clothing

Artist / Dj / Producer / Designer.
Kameleon is the co-founder of Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records. Helping activate the psy scene in the south east and abroad for over 10 years Kameleon is still actively helping push boundaries with sound and visuals. Now in its 6th year Pure Perception Records is consistently releasing highly intelligent and mysterious psychedelic sounds to the world. He also designs clothing for Public Beta Wear and Planetary Confinement Clothing and is responsible for the Art and Design work for Pangea / Pure Perception.

Klaws/(Greenville, SC)
Pangea Productions/ Pure Perception Records / Rethink Techno

Klaws’ sound, which he has named ‘liquid funk,’ is a combination of deep techno, minimal, and dub all wrapped together in a floor-pleasing funky mixture. He first got exposed to the sounds of electronic music in his native country Romania and has now played festivals and events throughout the US, France, Romania, and beyond as well as co-organized numerous Pangea Productions events and one of area’s fastest growing and most diverse electronic music festivals, “Welcome to Pangea”.

He is also an active member and founder of Re:think Techno - a collective of like minded artists based in Greenville SC, highlighting a raw, high quality underground musical and visual experience in all events, with heavy focus on local and regional talent.

Together with the Pangea Productions and Re:think Techno crew,Klaws is constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music to create driving, hypnotic, atmospheric dance music.

DRaigosa/(Greenville, SC)
Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records / Rethink Techno

Residing in the South East United States, DRaigosa has collaborated within various electronic movements around the area. His passion for music and the underground vibe, has allowed him to establish his own style – a dense dub techno sound. Devoted to the art of music and the unity within, DRaigosa takes part in significant collective scenes.

After having experienced some of the most important and influential music festivals, DRaigosa along with La Familia founds one of the most underground and awaited festival in the South East – Welcome to Pangea celebrates its 11 year anniversary in 2018 and rejoices the gift of life with local, regional and international music artist that varies from House, Techno/Minimal, Ambient, DnB and Psychedelic Trance. Additionally, his religious passion for techno has accommodated an underground movement in his place of residence (Greenville, SC) – rethink techno has taken place thanks to the dedication of all its founders as well as their beloved audience.

DRaigosa & Klaws host the show Technological every second Friday of the month at www.di.fm minimal channel 1200 – 1400 EST presenting local and international artist.


DECO by:

Olga Klimova/(NYC)
WizArt Visions -Art and Deco

Olga Klimova started creating art as a result of mystical experiences followed by a practice of Vipassana meditation. She joined the new wave of visionary artists who emphasize creativity as a catalyst for personal transformation and social change.
Many forms of visual expression were chosen to manifest the vision. Having gotten classical art school background during her childhood in Russia, Olga created WizArt Visions, a New York based deco studio which has developed numerous backdrops, fabric installations and stage settings for the festival scene.
In 2012 Olga came to Italy, where she studied with Amanda Sage, Laurence Caruana, Andrew Gonzalez and Maura Holden. Through the deepening of her meditative practice and this new approach to oil painting, she was able to discover the whole new dimension in expressing her vision. Her artwork became more spontaneous, intuitive and vibrant.
Today, Olga travels North America with her installations, exhibits her art internationally, teaches in Europe and USA while maintaining her studio in New York. In 2015 she became one of the instructors of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

Lucid dreams, channeled visions and meditation continue to inspire her work, which seeks to evoke the feeling of our deep interconnectedness. “…Putting the mind aside and trusting the flow of creation, listening to what is unfolding in front of the eyes and one’s own subconscious, not trying to control what’s happening and letting go – all are very useful skills not only during painting,” she says, “but in life.”



NO Dogs!!! You will not be allowed in.
No secondary sound systems (including cars, boomboxes, or any other portable sound, zero sound allowed in the camping area).
Rain or Shine – We have a very large tent to cover the dance floor. Come prepared for any weather. Storms can pop up at anytime in June
.Bring all the supplies you need for 2 nights and 3 days: food, water, toiletries, proper clothing.
You can stay at the site for additional nights but there is a fee per night.
No Re-Entry at All. Bring everything you will need for the entire event.
No Narcotics! or Bad Vibes!
All alcohol must be in cups at all times. Although alcohol consumption is discouraged!!
There will be plenty of fresh juice, smoothies, tea, and coffee available.
Ice will be available for sale on-site.
In order to cut back on excess trash please bring washable/reusable plates, cups, and utensils.
Please help keep the paper and plastic to a minimum.
Help us maintain the sacred ground clean, respect the land! Leave No Trace. Clean up your area before you leave.
There is a creek by the venue, so come prepared to get wet if you so desire.
Camping is on a first come first serve basis.
Hot/Cold showers available for everyone on-site.
No Re-Entry at All.
NO Dogs. No matter how cute and well behaved you will not be allowed in.

Interested in vending, giving a lecture/workshop, or doing live art?
Please contact us.
email: [email protected]
United States
765 Stoney Fork Rd, Ferguson, NC 28624-8912, United States
Open: 2018-06-01
End: 2018-06-03

600 interested
196 attending
600 maybe

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